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Clans are a feature in Brawlhalla currently only available in the PC version of the game. Any player with an account level of 15 or higher can create a clan with a unique clan name, and invite players to join their clan. Members of a clan will have their clan tag displayed under their name on the character select, match loading, and post match screens.

By default only 15 players can join a clan, but this can be expanded up to 50 players by leveling up the clan. Any player in a clan can contribute to the clan's level by playing matches. Clans have a level cap at level 100, but players can still earn more experience for the clan after this level. When looking at the clan menu, the player can see a leaderboard of who has contributed the most experience to their clan.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

There are four different ranks a player can be in a clan: Leader, Officer, Member, and Recruit.

Leader is the highest possible rank in a clan, and can only be held by one player. By default this is the creator of the clan, but they can chose to transfer this over to another player if they wish. The Leader can promote, demote and kick any player from the clan, regardless of rank. The Leader can also change the clan's Message of the Day by typing "/motd <message>" in the chat box.

Officers are the second highest possible rank. Similar to the Leader, they can promote Recruits, demote Members, kick both Recruits and Members, and change the clan's Message of the Day. However, Officers are not able to demote or kick other Officers.

Members and Recruits are the second-lowest and lowest possible ranks, respectively. They do not have any extra privileges like Officers and the Leader, and are only able to join/invite other online clan members and contribute experience to the clan.