Open this chest and get a random Legend Skin from this list. .... Even chance for all items! No duplicate rewards! - Mallhalla purchase description

Chests are random rewards purchasable from the Mallhalla for 100 Mammoth coins. Each chest purchased will contain a randomly selected one of sixteen to eighteen different Legend skins, which vary in value, though the Chest price will always be lower than individual skin prices. Among the available skin options are between two to three exclusive skin options that are not otherwise purchasable from the store, which can only be found by buying chests and getting lucky. As the description states, no duplicate skins are given and skins that you already possessed are grayed out and checked off from the list of possible skins in the box. If you own all the skins available in a given chest, that chest is then no longer available for purchase.

Unlike other Mallhalla items, Chests are non-refundable, and available for only a limited time. Once chest offers end, exclusive skins are no longer obtainable through the game, though chests offers that ended may become available again in the future.

They were introduced to the Mallhalla on June 29, 2016.

Individual chests

click on individual chests to see available Skins from that Chest
350px-OdinsChestFull RagnarokChest
Odin's Chest Ragnarok Chest
ChestCyber2 SunkenChest
Cosmic Chest Sunken Chest
ImperialChestFull SkysailChestFull
Imperial Chest Skysail Chest
NA 350px-AncientChestFull
Olympian Chest Ancient Chest
SandstormChest ForbiddenChest1
Sandstorm Chest Forbidden Chest
Celestial Chest Outlaw Chest
NA Dragonchest
Brawl City Chest Dragon Chest
NA File:WildChest.png
Royal Order Chest Wild Chest
Elements Chest Exalted Chest
Synthwave Chest Revenant Chest
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