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Challenges Preview

The Challenges menu.

Challenges are a set of offline missions, meant to teach players the various game mechanics of Brawlhalla. They can be found in the Offline Play menu under the Tutorial mode. Each challenge teaches a different game concept, typically related to Attacks or Movement. Completing a challenge unlocks a new one in a branching path, with each new challenge being slightly more difficult.

Challenges were added to Brawlhalla in Patch 7.02, as a work-in-progress "Challenges Preview" mode. This is mainly to give a preview of what is being worked on, and to show that the challenges format may change in the future.

Challenges Format[ | ]

Bot Yellow

The Target.

Ojiisan Koji Coat of Lions

The Sensei.

Each challenge takes place on the Spirit Realm map, and requires the player to perform a series of button inputs to complete the challenge. Once a challenge is beaten, a short fanfare is played and the next challenge is unlocked. Challenges are set up in branching paths, so certain challenges will unlock multiple paths on completion.

There are two non-playable characters in this mode: the Target, and the Sensei.

The Target is a lifeless dummy who must be attacked to progress the challenge. It is not able to attack or move, and will only sometimes reset position after being knocked around (this is different per challenge). Physically, it looks like a yellow Test Legend.

The Sensei is an NPC who gives a demo of what must be done in the challenge. He takes on the appearance of Ojiisan Koji with a Coat of Lions color scheme. He is able to use any weapon, always using the same weapons as the player, and can not be damaged by the player. The Sensei's demo plays the first time a challenge is played, but can be replayed anytime with the "Show Demo" button.

For each challenge, the list of required button inputs can be seen on the left side of the screen. Depending on the challenge, these may or may not have to be done in order, and other button inputs will cause the challenge to fail. There are also some challenges where they must be done within a short time frame or the inputs will not count. The "Reset" button can be pressed at any time to reset the player and Target's position.

List of Challenges[ | ]

Use the map below to navigate the challenges.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The effect that plays on completing a challenge is the Party Time knockout.
  • Challenges set the player to the default skin of the Legend used, but does not change any equipped weapon skins.