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The Casual Matchmaking Queues

Casual Matchmaking is one of the Modes available in the game Brawlhalla. As the name implies, the mode is primarily meant for more casual players, compared to the Ranked mode.


There are four gamemodes that can be queued for when entering Casual Matchmaking.

When queuing for any of these modes, the player can select one map to ban from play in the Lobby settings.


In this mode, the player is up against 3 other players in a 3 minute long Timed match. Players will earn 2 points for getting a KO, and lose 1 point for getting KO'd. The player with the most points win.

Up to two people can be in the same queue for a match, whether it be a friend who joined online or locally on the same device.

Strikeout 1v1[]

This mode is a 1v1 Strikeout battle, where the player and opponent must chose 3 different Legends and will swap Legends each time they lose a stock. You cannot queue with a partner in this mode and will be placed against a random opponent.

Friendly 2v2[]

This mode is a team Stock battle, with each player having 3 lives. Team damage is turned off, so attacks other than bombs and mines will not hurt your teammate.

Two people can queue for a match in this mode, however if a player queues alone they will be placed with a random teammate.

Experimental 1v1[]

This mode is a 1v1 Stock battle, with each player having 3 lives. The main difference in this mode is that test features are employed, which are slight modifications to the game that the developers are considering adding. The test features can be seen by clicking the button below the gamemode's card. Test Maps are also featured if there are any available.

You can only queue solo in this mode, meaning you will be placed against a random opponent.

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