Cassidy's Cupcakes!

Will you bake some cupcakes with me?

An idle game available from a special link on the front page from 04/01 - 04/05 (April Fool's Day), 2016. Players helped a pink Cassidy bake and accumulate an absurd amount of cupcakes by clicking on a drawing of a cupcake on the right side of the screen, and with items bought with said cupcakes to facilitate faster cupcake accumulation. Items were available from the main tab, while upgrades to purchased items were available in a secondary tab. There was no combat involved in this game mode.

  • Items
    • Helpful Bakers - Your Greatest Fans. Bakes when you bake.
    • Scarlethalla Oven - Discounted from Lady Scarlet herself.
    • Orion's Lance - Automatic cupcake maker in each one.
    • Grimm - Unbeknownst to many, Grimm has been known to bake a cupcake or two.
    • The Kitchen - Donated and paid for by MBFC.
    • Sons of Ivaldi - Surely there couldn't have been THIS many sons.
    • Cupcake Farms - Plant one, Harvest two. Or a few billion.
    • Celestial Being - Might as well make use of their celestial-ness.

With the exception of Helpful Bakers, which increased the amount of cupcakes per click, all items produced a set amount of cupcakes over an interval of time. The amount produced could be increased and the interval of time reduced via the second tab upgrades, of which there were five for each item.