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The Marshal of the Old West
Strength Stats6.png Blasters Icon.png
Dexterity Stats8.png
Defence Stats4.png Grapple Hammer Icon.png
Speed Stats4.png
Gender: Female
Bot Name: Cassibot
Store Price: Coin Gold.png 2,300
Store Description: Feared by outlaws and vampires from the age of fifteeen, Cassidy is the toughest marshal to wear a badge either side of the Bifrost.
Released: April 30, 2014
(Alpha Launch)
Full Name: Cassidy Miller

Cassidy is one of the characters available in the game Brawlhalla. The game's crazy futuristic cowgirl has two Blasters in her holsters and a Grapple Hammer in her arsenal, and has an outstanding amount of Dexterity as her best stat, 8 points. Her Armor and Speed are the lowest, capped at 4 points.


The Marshal of the Old West

Reward ($5,000) for the capture, Dead or Alive, of ex-U.S. Marshal Cassidy Miller. Age 25, 5 feet, 8 inches. Brown hair and eyes. Wanted for dereliction of Duty, harboring a Fugitive Slave, aiding a Known Criminal, and Attempted Murder. Known companions include a Giant Cougar, a Twenty-foot Lumberjack, and a Cherokee Ghost. Armed and extremely Dangerous.
– Poster, Nebraska Territory, 1853
"You just going to stand behind me looking all-fired stupid or are you going to draw?"
– Marshal Cassidy

As the story goes...

When fifteen-year-old Cassidy Miller captured Wild Zeb and his gang, Zeb insisted his gun jammed and the sun was in his eyes. But, outlaws soon changed their tune, and just five years later, Bloody Cal Johnson bragged from prison that Utah had been forced to call in the great Marshal Cassidy just to bring him down.

In her long career, Cassidy’s insistence on justice for all earned her many unlikely friends, including “the meanest horse in the West,” a giant cougar named Boots. But it also put her on the wrong side of the law when she joined the Underground Railroad and became a wanted fugitive herself. Later, Cassidy returned to law enforcement in dramatic style when President Lincoln begged her to track down the Bloodfang Rangers, a company of Confederate Vampires.

To Cassidy, Valhalla is like any other frontier boomtown in need of her rough brand of Justice. She’s always on the lookout for suspicious types and reckons that trouble’s brewing.

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