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Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards is a program that allows players to earn free rewards by watching Brawlhalla Twitch broadcasts. The program is present as a Twitch extension that levels up based on the number of minutes watched; an average of 1 point every minute of watch time. For each level, you will receive a code that can be redeemed in-game to earn rewards.

As part of the extension, several tracks are present to offer different rewards. Currently, active tracks will change depending on the type of stream, and levels on one track will not carry over to other tracks.

The program also introduces new exclusive item rewards, such as the Esports Color.

Accurate times for when Brawlhalla is streaming can be seen on their official schedule page.

Current tracks[edit | edit source]

Please note: the scheduling for track availability is subject to change based on decisions by Brawlhalla developers.

Dev Streams #4[edit | edit source]

The Dev Streams #4 track is progressible during weekly Dev Streams.

Level Reward Hours Watched
Required Points
Level 1 Dragon Tooth Katars.png
Dragon Tooth Katars
Katars Skin
2 hours
120 Points
Level 2 Castaway Thatch 1.png
Castaway Thatch
Thatch Skin
8 hours
480 Points
Level 3 Taunt Shadowboxing Still.png
16 hours
960 Points

Upcoming tracks[edit | edit source]

No current upcoming tracks.

Expired tracks[edit | edit source]

See List of expired Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards tracks

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