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Brawlboy StoreDummy
Unused Legend
Gender: Male
Role: Emotes Model
Status: Removed

Brawlboy, known internally as "StoreDummy," is an unused Legend in Brawlhalla. The name Brawlboy seems to come from a community organized poll.

Brawlboy is the original base Legend model used before release, when Legends were planned to be customizable by the player.

Post-release, Brawlboy served as a placeholder Legend, filling in for animations if no other Legend was selected. He would be replaced by the Default Legend as a placeholder Legend in early 2015.

After this, Brawlboy's only purpose was to be the model for Emotes in the Store, hence the internal name "StoreDummy." He would remain the Emotes model until patch 2.58, where he was replaced by Bödvar.

The only place Brawlboy can still be seen in-game is as the head of the cherubs in the XO KO knockout effect when previewed in the inventory or store.

Internally in modern versions of Brawlhalla, Brawlboy is technically recognized as a skin for the Default Legend.

Other Appearances[ | ]

Brawlboy has two slightly different appearances from his standard design:

  • A version with blue sleeves and fingerless gloves - used when Brawlboy was a placeholder for animations.
  • A version with grey gloves - this is his current design, but has never been used for anything.