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Brawl of The Week is one of the online queuing Modes present in the game. In these lobbies, different gamemodes are put every week by the developers. The bonus of Brawl Of The Week is that the winners get Coin Gold.png 300. The prize, however, can only be claimed once per week by each player. After one week, the gamemode is changed and the prize is recharged, ready to be claimed again.

Gamemodes that are available in the rotation include some modes that are available through Custom Online, but also modes that can't be played elsewhere.

Unlike other matchmaking modes, daily and Battle Pass missions can not be completed in Brawl Of The Week (unless otherwise specified).

Unique Gamemodes[]

The following gamemodes are unique to Brawl of the Week and can not be accessed in Custom Online matches.

Ghost Brawl[]

In this gamemode, all players are invisible, and jump in and out of invisibility when attacking. Damage is set to 200%, and all players have 3 lives. It has rotated in Brawl Of The Week in both 1v1 and 2v2 format.

Ghost in the Terminus[]

Similar to Ghost Brawl, players jump in and out of invisibility. The main difference is instead of being a Stock match, it is a 3 player free-for-all Timed match, with damage set to 300%.

Platform King[]

Who is the platform king? 4 Players face off on a map with 6 platforms. Stay on the red platform to score points. Hit your opponents to keep them from scoring. The platforms also move around the map, which makes moving around more difficult. The player with the most points at the end of a 2-minute timer wins.

Water Bomb Bash[]

Water Bomb Bash is a summer-themed gamemode. 6 players face off against each other with a 200% damage modifier and giant water bombs that continually spawn throughout the match. These water bombs create large explosions on impact that blast away anyone caught in it, even the player who threw it. Gain points for knocking people off the stage, the player with the most points winning at the end of the match.

Ghost Bubble Tag[]

A unique variant of Bubble Tag that mixes the invisibility mechanics of Ghost Brawl, teams of 2 face off in a Bubble Tag match where players are only visible when they attack. Bubbled players are not invisible. First team to 5 points wins.

Other Gamemodes[]

The following gamemodes have been featured in Brawl of the Week, but can also be recreated in Custom Online matches.

1v1 Showdown[]

Two players fight each other on a flat map with pressure plates that activate traps above. Each player has 5 lives, but must be careful as the map is small and easy to get knocked out of.

3v3 Skirmish[]

Teams of 3 fight each other in a regular Stock match.


In this game mode, the player fights two other players in a Timed FFA 3-minute match, with 2 points won for each KO and 1 lost for being KO'd, after these 3 minutes, whoever gets more points wins the match.

Beachbrawl 3v3[]

In the Beachbrawl gamemode, 3 players on each team will throw water balloons at two large beach balls, trying to hit the beach balls into the opponent's net. The team with the most points at the end wins.

This gamemode will typically be in the Brawl Of The Week rotation during the Heatwave Event.

Brawlball Bash[]

In the Brawlball gamemode, both teams are trying to get the goals on the opponents by standing in their goal with the Brawlball in hand.

This gamemode has been in Brawl Of The Week in both 2v2 and 3v3 format.

Brawldown 2v2[]

Teams of two are put into the Brawldown ring, where folding chairs and tables can be used to stun your opponents and hit them into the ropes. Each player has 6 stocks in this mode.

Bubble Tag[]

In Bubble Tag, teams of three face off against each other. Hitting an opponent puts them in a bubble, and allies can free trapped opponents by tapping their bubble. If all of a team is trapped in a bubble, the other team scores a point. First team to five points wins.


Buddy is a 1v1 game mode where each player choses 2 different legends and controls them at the same time. If a player gets bounced around enough, they get KO'd.

Capture the Flag[]

In this 3v3 game mode, each team is trying to steal the other team's flag and protect their own. The first team to 3 points wins.

Crew Battle[]

A 2v2 battle where only one member of each team is on the battlefield at a time. Once a team member is knocked out, the other member spawns in. Damage is amplified to 200%, and the last team standing wins.


Four players compete against each other throwing bombs to knock each other out. Score 2 points per KO, lose 1 point after getting KO'd. Score the most points to win.


Four players work together to fight off waves of horde enemies from breaching the two gates. While players must work together, the winner is determined by who KO'd the most horde enemies.

KO Mania[]

In this mode, the damage dealt by players is set to 300%, which basically means that it is much easier to KO opponents. Each player has 5 stocks (lives). The first team to take down the other players five times each wins.

This mode has appeared as both 1v1 and 2v2 in Brawl Of The Week.

Kung Foot[]

Teams of two kick around a Kung Foot ball and try to score on the opponents' net. The first team to five goals wins.

A variant of this exists as Synthwave Kung Foot. It is exactly the same but only on the Synthwave Kung Foot map.


Players chose 3 Legends and one weapon per Legend, and can switch Legends at will by pressing the throw button.

This gamemode has been in Brawl Of The Week in both 1v1 and 2v2 format.

Stay Frosty/Water Balloon Fight[]

This is the Snowbrawl gamemode, and is played either as a 4 player free-for-all or 2v2. Players throw snowballs at each other with 150% damage and attempt to get the most KOs.

This will generally play during the Brawlhallidays Event and the Heatwave Event. During the Heatwave Event, the snowballs are replaced with water balloons.

Street Brawl[]

In this mode, each player has a health bar instead of a percentage bar, and the map is enclosed by walls with no kill zone (similar to the style of classic fighting games). Each player has three stocks; the last player standing wins.

Strikeout Mania[]

In this game mode, you must pick 5 Legends of your choice and fight against a single opponent, but the damage dealt by the players is at a cap of 300%. First to finish his opponent's 5 stocks wins.

This mode has appeared as both 1v1 and 2v2 in Brawl Of The Week.

Switchcraft 2v2[]

Teams of 2 select 3 different Legends and enter the Switchcraft gamemode, where each Legend's weapon is switched with weapons from the other two Legends.

Team Strikeout[]

In this mode, you and a teammate must pick 3 Legends of your choice and fight against 2 other players that also chose 3 Legends of their choice, and each time a player loses a stock, they switch characters corresponding to the ones they have picked before. Kill your opponents 3 times each to win.

Temple Climb[]

In either 4 player free-for-all or 2v2 teams format, players climb a temple map filling with traps that can be activated to inflict damage to opponents.

Walker Attack![]

Two players work together to fight off Walkers, each player with three lives. While players must work together to survive, the winner of the match is determined by who KO'd the most Walkers.

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