weapon in Brawlhalla, used in combat.

Bow Users

Weapon attacks

For Legend Signatures, see the individual Legend pages above

Light ground attacks

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral A quick, single arrow fired at a 45 degree angle up into the air.
Side A lunging swipe with the bow. Carries the Legend forward a short distance, but has a short range. Hitting is followed up with a single sideways shot from the bow.
Down A darting forward leap, with a downwards shot from the bow into the ground ahead mid-leap. Carries the Legend forward a moderate distance and lifts targets up into the air.

Light air attacks

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral A quick turning kick at extreme short range. Hitting puts the target directly above the Legend and is followed up immediately with an upwards shot with the bow, carrying the target further upwards.
Side A single sideways clubbing swipe with the bow in front. Short range.
Down A single arrow fired at a 45 degree angle downwards and in front. Carries a lot of force. The Legend hangs briefly in the air during the shot.

Heavy air attacks

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Recovery A lunging jump at a 45 degree angle with a scooping swipe with the bow that carries the Legend a short distance up and forward. Targets caught are strung into the bow and shot away, arrow-like, at a similar 45-degree angle.
GroundPound A steady downwards descending stomp with the rear foot. Hits only at close range. Targets hit are struck with an immediate triple-arrow shot that carries air-borne targets straight down and grounded targets straight up. Carries a lot of force.


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
Inputs Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
DLight, NLight
DLight, Jump, NAir
DLight, Jump, SAir
DLight, Jump, DAir
DLight, Jump, Recovery
DLight, Jump, Ground Pound
NLight, Jump, NAir ~43

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General strategies

For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • A particular weapon not for the faint of heart - the bow demands precision, spatial awareness and intimate familiarity with its combo possibilities. It's hitting range is often long, but very narrow - knowing exactly if and when a light attack will hit, or even better, when it *won't* hit, is the difference between success and failure with this weapon. Once you're able to reliably hit however, the bow has powerful potential - able to outrange and interrupt almost all weapons. The bow's generally weak damage demands aggressive followups once a hit is scored, however - something it accommodates well with its numerous combo possibilities. Moreso than perhaps any other weapon, a Legend's bow signatures make a significant difference in how the Legend plays, and what possibilities are open to them during combat.
  • One of the more intuitive and reliable combos consists of a ground-down-light, followed by a ground neutral light, followed by a jump that puts you on top of (overlapping) the stunned opponent, allowing for a neutral aerial light.