Bloomhalla Event

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The Bloomhalla Event is an event held in late April/early May, and celebrates the start of the Spring season.

This event is held for 2-3 weeks during which a Coin Gold.png 250 login bonus can be earned each day.

Past Start Dates[edit | edit source]

  • April 28, 2021

Mallhalla Items[edit | edit source]

As with most events, many exclusive items can be purchased from Mallhalla for the duration of the event.

Color[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Example Cost
Verdant Bloom Color Verdant Bloom.png Bödvar Verdant Bloom.png Coin Gold.png 3,000 or Coin Mammoth.png 10 per Legend.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Hwarang Jaeyun
Hwarang Jaeyun.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth.png 140
Elvenhollow Xull
Elvenhollow Xull.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth.png 140

Avatars[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Cost
Sleepy Seedling Avatar Sleepy Seedling.png Coin Gold.png 6,000
Spring Songbird Avatar Spring Songbird.png Coin Gold.png 6,000
Fluttering Monarch AniAvatar Fluttering Monarch.gif Coin Mammoth.png 60

Titles[edit | edit source]

Title Acquisition
Perennial Brawler Free on login during event.

Podiums[edit | edit source]

Name Image Cost Notes
Floral Bliss 2021 Podium Floral Bliss 2021.png Coin Mammoth.png 240 This item was only available during the 2021 Bloomhalla event.