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The Battle Pass is a feature in Brawlhalla that allows for exclusive cosmetics to be unlocked by completing missions. Originally announced on May 12, 2020, the Battle Pass rewards players for progressing through the 85 tiers of the Battle Pass to earn items. The first season was released in patch 4.00.

The Battle Pass comes in three types:

  • Free Pass - a track of free rewards, available to all players.
  • Gold Pass - a track of premium rewards, costing $9.99 USD.
  • Deluxe Pass - a bundle that includes the Gold Pass, 25 tier skips, and several extra exclusive rewards themed to the season. Costs $24.99 USD, or $14.99 USD if the Gold Pass is already owned.

Progression[ | ]

Battle Gems[ | ]

Battle Gem

The Battle Pass is separated into tiers, each tier offering a reward to the player. To progress through the Battle Pass tiers, the player must earn Battle Gems. Each tier takes 12 Battle Gems to complete.

There are currently three ways of obtaining Battle Gems:

Daily Missions[ | ]

A new daily mission that is given each day, rewarding Battle Gems. Each day one mission can be swapped for a different, random mission.

Weekly Missions[ | ]

Each week for the duration of a Battle Pass, 7 new missions are released. These missions can only be completed once and will award varying amounts of Battle Gems depending on the mission.

Battle Pass XP Mission[ | ]

BattlePass XP Mission

Amount of experience required per XP Mission level (click to enlarge).

Added in Season One, this is a General mission that persists throughout the season, rewarding Battle Gems. This mission is completed by earning "Battle Pass XP," which are simply earned by playing matchmaking games. This mission can be completed multiple times, and each time it will require more Battle Pass XP to complete. The rewarded Battle Pass XP is dependent on the player's matchmaking placement and if they have Battle Pass XP Multipliers. The mission is always available until it has been completed 100 times.

Progression Cosmetics[ | ]

In addition to Battle Pass progression, the Battle Pass feature has introduced progression-based cosmetics. These are cosmetics with levels that can be upgraded by completing specific missions, such as getting KOs or wins. After completing the mission, the cosmetic with level up and take on a new appearance. These missions can also be completed after a Battle Pass is over, so long as the player purchased the Battle Pass while it was available.

Currently, progression cosmetics only exist in the form of Podiums and Skins, each cosmetic with 3 levels of progression. Previous levels of the cosmetic can be selected with an option enabled in settings.

Battle Pass Classic[ | ]

Battle Pass Classic are re-runs of previous passes that release in between new Battle Passes. These give newer players a chance to play through older Battle Passes, along with adding new items and changes to keep the older passes up to modern standards.

Players who played through or bought the original versions of these passes keep their level progress and gold status. However, weekly mission progress does not carry over to the Classic version.

Current Season: Season Four Classic[ | ]

Battle Pass Classic

Previous Seasons[ | ]

Regional Prices[ | ]

The following is a list of prices for the Gold Pass and Deluxe Pass:

Currency Gold Pass Deluxe Pass
USD (US) $9.99 $24.99
CAD (CA) $12.99 $32.99
BRL (BR) R$42.99 R$104.99
GBP (UK) £8.99 £20.99
EUR (EU) 9,99€ 24,99€
AUD (AU) $14.95 $37.95
INR (IN) ₹699 ₹1749
UAH (UA) ₴215 ₴539
NTD (ROC) NT$279 NT$709
MYR (RM) RM34 RM84
JPY (JP) ¥1380 ¥3480
NOK (NO) 109 kr 269 kr
IDR (ID) Rp119,000 Rp288,000
PHP (PH) ₱409 ₱1029
SGD (SG) $13.40 $33.30
THB (TH) ฿289 ฿719
KRW (KR) ₩11,400 ₩28,300
MXN (MX) $199.00 $499.00
NZD (NZ) $16.65 $39.95
CNY (CN) ¥48 ¥123
HKD (HK) $72 $178

For Gold Pass owners, the price of the Deluxe Pass is subtracted by the price of the Gold Pass.

All other countries/regions use the USD prices.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Prior to Season Three, Battle Pass XP was known as "Battle Points."
  • Prior to Season Three, only three weekly missions could be completed by all players; the other four could only be completed by Gold Pass owners.

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