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Asgard Bödvar

Champion of the Brawl Bodvar.png

Legend: Bödvar
Cost: $99.99 USD
(Obtainable through
Collectors Pack DLC)

Asgard Bödvar is one of the Skins available in the game Brawlhalla.

This skin is only obtainable through the Brawlhalla Collectors Pack DLC.

Weapon Skins[]

By default, this skin uses the Hammer and Sword skins from the Asgardian Elite Skin Set:

Asgardian Hammer
Asgardian Hammer.png
Hammer Skin
Asgardian Sword
Asgardian Sword.png
Sword Skin

Color Variants[]

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  • This skin is named Asgard Bödvar in-game, but is listed as Champion of the Brawl Bödvar on the Collectors Pack DLC page.

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