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Arashikage Dojo
Map Arashikage Dojo
Theme: Training Dojo
Home To: Snake Eyes
Storm Shadow

Arashikage Dojo is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla, added as part of the G.I. Joe crossover. This map takes place in a training dojo, in the G.I. Joe universe owned by the Arashikage Clan. While the background is serene and outdoorsy with a flowing river, foliage, and Asian-styled decor, the dojo is actually built inside a skyscraper (hinted at by the windows in the back left).

This map is exclusive to the Showdown gamemode, making it small with a close killbox. There are two structures on this map - a set of soft platforms that spin slowly, and a single wall to the right side. These house three different traps:

  • A trap on three of the six platforms on the spinning wheel. When activated, they shoot 3 fireballs downward.
  • A trap on the right of the right wall which, when activated, shoot a barrage of shurikens towards the spinning wheel.
  • A trap on the right floor which sets off spikes on the right-side of the right wall. This can be used to counter anyone trying to activate the shuriken trap.

When activated, the pressure plate goes on cooldown for 2 seconds.

The soft platforms complete a full rotation after 62.5 seconds.