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April Fools is a mini-event that Brawlhalla has celebrated in previous years. While not directly given a name like traditional Events, Brawlhalla has sometimes participated in April Fools, updating the game on April 1st to add a small joke that is removed days later.

So far, Brawlhalla has only celebrated April Fools in 2016, 2017, and 2023. All three years included different joke additions.

Cassidy's Cupcakes![ | ]

Cassidy's Cupcakes Icon
Cassidy's Cupcakes Screen

Cassidy's Cupcakes! game screen.

Cassidy's Cupcakes! is a mini-game that was added for April Fools in 2016. It could be accessed through a dedicated button on the main menu, and was available only for a few days.

This mini-game is unlike any other gamemode - the game is turned into a clicker/idle game, where the player's objective is to help Cassidy bake as many cupcakes as possible.

By default, the player must click a crudely drawn cupcake to earn Cupcakes cupcakes. These can be used to purchase items and upgrade which help automate the process.

Progress will be saved when the player exits the game, however automated items won't continue to produce Cupcakes cupcakes. The player also has the option to reset all progress.

Inventory[ | ]

One of the menus present in Cassidy's Cupcakes is the inventory. Items can be purchased using Cupcakes cupcakes.

Each item can be purchased many time, which will both increase the amount of Cupcakes cupcakes produced and how much they cost to purchase.

By default, only the Helpful Bakers can be purchased. Each subsequent item is available for purchase after purchasing one of the previous item.

The Helpful Bakers allow the user to earn more Cupcakes cupcakes per click, while all other items automatically produce Cupcakes cupcakes over a certain interval.

Cassidy will give a brief description when hovering over each item.

Item Name Cassidy's Description Production Rate (per item) Base Price Margin Price Price Multiplier
CC Item Helpful Bakers Helpful Bakers Your Greatest Fans. Bakes when you bake. +1 Cupcakes per click Cupcakes 10 Cupcakes 1 2.6
CC Item Scarlethalla Oven Scarlethalla Oven Discounted from Lady Scarlet herself. Cupcakes 5
per 5 sec
Cupcakes 15 Cupcakes 5 1.9
CC Item Orion's Lance Orion's Lance Automatic cupcake maker in each one. Cupcakes 100
per 10 sec
Cupcakes 150 Cupcakes 145 1.8
Bot Grimm Grimm Unknownst to many, Grimm has been known to bake a cupcake or two. Cupcakes 7000
per 20 sec
Cupcakes 5000 Cupcakes 8000 1.7
CC Item The Kitchen The Kitchen Donated and paid for by MBFC Cupcakes 45,000
per 30 sec
Cupcakes 75,000 Cupcakes 35,000 1.6
CC Item Sons Of Ilvaldi Sons Of Ilvaldi Surely there couldn't have been THIS many sons. Cupcakes 100,000
per 40 sec
Cupcakes 890,000 Cupcakes 150,000 1.5
CC Item Cupcake Farms Cupcake Farms Plant one, Harvest two. Or a few billion. Cupcakes 320,000
per 50 sec
Cupcakes 5,000,000 Cupcakes 400,000 1.4
CC Item Celestial Being Celestial Being Might as well make use of their celestial-ness Cupcakes 4,500,000
per 60 sec
Cupcakes 15,000,000 Cupcakes 6,000,000 1.3

Calculating Inventory Price Increase[ | ]

The more the player purchases an item, the higher the cost of the item will be. This is done using some specific calculations; click "Expand" to see more.

Calculating the cost of an item is done with the following formula:

pmg * n * pm


  • pmg is the Margin Price
  • n is the amount of the item owned
  • pm is the Price Multiplier

Additionally, both the Price Multiplier and Margin Price have calculations that further change the results:

Price Multiplier Calculation (pm):

n value pm value
n < 10 pm = pm * 1
n < 50 pm = pm * 1.2
n < 100 pm = pm * 1.4
n < 500 pm = pm * 1.6
n < 1000 pm = pm * 3.3
n < 6000 pm = pm * 6.5
n >= 7000 pm = pm * 10

Margin Price Calculation (pmg):

This will only affect Helpful Bakers and Scarlethalla Oven when the user has more than 400 of the item.

Condition pmg value
n > 400 & pmg = 1 pmg = 50
n > 400 & pmg = 5 pmg = 75

Upgrades[ | ]

In addition to inventory items, players can purchase upgrades to those items with Cupcakes cupcakes.

There are two kinds of upgrades:

  • Increase Output: This increases the amount of Cupcakes cupcakes earned. Upgrades one and three increase output by +100%, and upgrade five increases output by +500%.
  • Decrease Production Time: This reduces the amount of time it takes for an item to produce Cupcakes cupcakes. Upgrades two and four decrease production time by -50%. For Helpful Bakers, this is instead replaced with increased output +100%.

To purchase an upgrade, the player requires both a certain amount of Cupcakes cupcakes and a number of the item owned. Purchasing an upgrade unlocks the ability to purchase the next upgrade. There are only 5 upgrades for each item total.

Item Name Cost
Amount of Item Needed: 10 50 150 250 500
Type of Upgrade: +100% Output -50% Time +100% Output -50% Time +500% Output
CC Item Helpful Bakers Helpful Bakers Cupcakes 100 Cupcakes 1500 Cupcakes 8500 Cupcakes 35,000 Cupcakes 150,000
CC Item Scarlethalla Oven Scarlethalla Oven Cupcakes 300 Cupcakes 1500 Cupcakes 4500 Cupcakes 75,000 Cupcakes 100,000
CC Item Orion's Lance Orion's Lance Cupcakes 900 Cupcakes 45,000 Cupcakes 105,000 Cupcakes 360,000 Cupcakes 2,000,000
Bot Grimm Grimm Cupcakes 50,00 Cupcakes 150,000 Cupcakes 450,000 Cupcakes 1,200,000 Cupcakes 4,000,000
CC Item The Kitchen The Kitchen Cupcakes 200,000 Cupcakes 1,000,000 Cupcakes 5,000,000 Cupcakes 10,000,000 Cupcakes 50,000,000
CC Item Sons Of Ilvaldi Sons Of Ilvaldi Cupcakes 50,000,000 Cupcakes 450,000,000 Cupcakes 3,000,000,000 Cupcakes 15,000,000,000 Cupcakes 65,000,000,000
CC Item Cupcake Farms Cupcake Farms Cupcakes 450,000,000 Cupcakes 3,000,000,000 Cupcakes 15,000,000,000 Cupcakes 65,000,000,000 Cupcakes 150,000,000,000
CC Item Celestial Being Celestial Being Cupcakes 5,000,000,000 Cupcakes 55,500,000,000 Cupcakes 660,000,000,000 Cupcakes 7,500,000,000,000 Cupcakes 6,600,000,000,000

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Cupcake Cassidy skin was added in the same patch that removed the mini-game to commemorate it.
  • The menu icon to play Cassidy's Cupcakes is very well drawn compared to the rest of the mini-game, which could at first trick players into thinking this was a serious new addition.
  • Both left-click and right-click could be used to click the cupcake. Using both could speed up the process of earning cupcakes.
  • When earning many cupcakes, the number of cupcakes will display in odd ways; for example, 10,000,000 will display as "10,000K".
  • An unused item called "Grandma" exists in the game files but is not used in the actual game.
  • A fan-made recreation of the mini-game exists and can be played in your browser.

Screenshots[ | ]

Clunse-o-Vision[ | ]


Clunse-o-Vision roster and button.

Clunse-o-Vision was a gag added for April Fools in 2017.

This was a button present on the Character Select screen on April 1st and a few days after of the year. Hovering over the button displays the text "Clunse-o-Vision Engage" and, upon clicking the button, would turn the Legends' icons into poorly drawn versions of the Legends. Clicking the button again would revert them back to default.

The name of this feature, the character on the button and the drawings of each Legend are from Clunse, a community member who became popular for their doodle renditions of the Brawlhalla Legends.

Patch 7.06a[ | ]

AprilFools Big Heads

The big head effect.

The joke patch notes demo.

Patch 7.06a was a fake patch added for April Fools in 2023.

The event was announced through joke patch notes, claiming to only fix a visual bug with Teros' Down Hammer attack (only to make the reader sit through an incredibly slow video of the attack, showing no change).

In-game, the "patch" made all players heads twice as big for the duration of April Fools. This only affected players when in a match, and not on character select screens or lobbies with a Tournament preset enabled.

Due to how the big head effect works, the effect also applies to Emotes that create an image of the player, namely Photo Op. The effect doesn't apply to emotes with props however, such as Deal With It.