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The following is a list of content that either went unused or was removed from Brawlhalla. This not a complete list and is being updated over time.

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Arquivo:Test Legend Roster.png Legends
Unused Legends  •  Old Designs  •  Skins  •  Custom Legends
Arquivo:Basic Sword.png Weapons
Removed 4 Weapon System  •  Altered Weapon Combos  •  Weapon Stances  •  Unused Weapons  •  Weapon Skins
Arquivo:Unused SigIcon Vraxx Blasters.png Signature Attacks
Default Signatures  •  Introduction of Signatures  •  Introduction of Weapon Combos  •  Air Signatures  •  Stalker's Signatures  •  Other Signatures
Arquivo:Unused Avatar Default.png Cosmetics
Skins  •  Weapon Skins  •  Avatars  •  UI Themes  •  Podiums
Arquivo:SubpageIcon UnusedContent Maps.png Maps
Dev Maps
Arquivo:Unused RankedIcon Platinum.png Ranked
Fire Diamond  •  Unused Ranked Appearance
Arquivo:SubpageIcon UnusedContent Miscellaneous.png Miscellaneous
Party Mode  •  Green Team and Yellow Team