Brawlhalla Wiki

Test Features are major and minor features that are undergoing development and are currently being considered for addition to Brawlhalla. Most of Brawlhalla's new features are first added through the test features option, such as Dashing, Chase Dodges, the Cannon rework, and visual effect improvements. Once a feature is added to test features, it is improved upon until the feature either graduates to the main game or is removed from Brawlhalla entirely.

There are two ways to access test features:

  • Enable test features in the settings of custom or local lobbies.
  • Queue for Experimental 1v1, where test features are always enabled

Current Test Features[]

The following are features that are currently available in test features and being considered for the main game:

  • Handicap Settings - Per player settings to strengthen or weaken players, including their lives, damage dealt, and damage taken (available in Custom and Offline lobbies).
  • Out of Jumps Recovery - New controls setting. Enabeled by default. When enabled, pressing jump when the legend is out of jumps but still has a recovery attack will perform a recovery attack.
  • Modified Weapon Spawns - Weapons now spawn lower to the ground and closer to the center of the map.
    Affects the following maps: Twilight Grove, Small Kings Pass, Small Thundergard Stadium, Small Blackguard Keep, Small Mammoth Fortress, Small Great Hall, Small Fangwild, Plains of Passage, Small Galvan Prime, Crystal Temple, Shipwreck Falls, and Small Turtles’ Lair.
  • Reworked Signatures - Isaiah's Blasters Side Signature's second hit can now be delayed, and Vector's Lance Down Signature has been changed into a steerable move that shoots a projectile forward when released.
  • Disarm Effect - When a legend is disarmed, a sparkle appears.

Removed Test Features[]

Not all features graduate from test features into the main game, with some being removed and never returning to test features. The following are notable features that were removed after being tested:

  • Dash Deflect - If a player dashes into a weapon or gadget throw, the item will be deflected upwards and not damage or stun the player.
  • Double Gravity Cancel - A second gravity cancelled attack can be performed given the second attack is not the same as the first. This was added to simplify a bug that allowed double gravity cancels, but was removed as few weapons or Legends benefited from the change.
  • Signature Jumping - The player can jump while charging a Signature to perform an aerial Signature attack.
  • Stale Move Negation - Damage and force are reduced based on how many of the last six attacks that hit were the same as the one being used. Hitting with a weapon (including unarmed) that was not used in the last six attacks also grants a slight damage/force bonus.
  • Jumping off a wall being treated as your first aerial jump (resulting in one less potential jump when on walls).
  • Invulnerability during the startup frames of a Dodge Cancelled attack.