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The Hammer of Justice
Strength Stats5 {{#vardefine:weapon|Grapple Hammer}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]]
Dexterity Stats4
Defence Stats7 {{#vardefine:weapon|Katars}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]]
Speed Stats6
Gender: Male
Bot Name: Botinel
Store Price: Coin Gold 2,300
Store Description: America's greatest costumed crusader. Now his hammer of justice will make even gods examine their conscience.
Released: November 12, 2014
(Beta 1.0)
Full Name: Henry Coates

Sentinel is one of the available characters in the game Brawlhalla. Sentinel is an American superhero Legend featuring the Katars and Hammer as his weapons.

Possessed of intelligence, determination, and a keen sense of justice, Sentinel combines these with powerful homemade weapons to achieve that strength and wit worthy of a superhero. With a lifetime's experience of besting criminals and super-villains, Sentinel has become a potent force in the eternal tournament.


The Hammer of Justice[]

Good evening, America. Tonight on 'Night Owls with Henry Coates', we are discussing Sentinel. Who is this costumed vigilante? Where did he come from? Does he have a secret identity? More when we come back.
Henry Coates aka Sentinel
I'M a cliche? You're the bought judge.

As the story goes...[]

Few would ever know that Henry Coates, renowned physicist, all-star running back, and beloved host of the talk show "Night Owls" was also Sentinel, the first and greatest costumed superhero in America.

Coates got PhDs in Chemical Engineering, Physics, Economics, and Literature before he got tired of filling out the paperwork. But when his father was shot by a cop in the pay of local crime boss Seven Fingers Dupree, Coates swore to devote his mighty intellect to fighting crime, and Sentinel was born.

Armed with weapons of his own invention, Sentinel fought his way to the center of a web of corruption led by a secret society known as KABAL. His war with KABAL lasted years and ended only when he destroyed their base in a Kamchatkan volcano and unmasked their leader, boyband megastar Josh Von Evilstein. Later, as America's most beloved president since Washington, Coates would still slip out at night to fight crime on the streets.

Now restored in Valhalla to the simple strength of his younger days, Sentinel revels in the Tournament. But recently he has seen that there are those in Asgard who need protecting, and has turned his attention to injustice here.

List of Skins[]

Gumshoe Sentinel
Arquivo:Gumshoe Sentinel 1.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
High Impact Sentinel
Arquivo:High Impact Sentinel 1.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Nightwatch Sentinel
Arquivo:Nightwatch Sentinel.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
First Edition Sentinel
Arquivo:First Edition Sentinel.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Lord Sentinel
Arquivo:Lord Sentinel.png
Arquivo:Icon Chest.png Dragon's Chest exclusive
President Sentinel
Arquivo:President Sentinel.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Stormsteel Sentinel
Arquivo:Stormsteel Sentinel.png
Arquivo:Icon Chest.png Forgeborne Chest exclusive
The Rock
Cost: Coin Mammoth 300
Cú Sídhe Sentinel
Arquivo:Cú Sídhe Sentinel.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Arquivo:EventIcon StPatricks.png Luck o' the Brawl exclusive

Color Variants[]

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Level-up Colors:

Event Colors:

Battle Pass Colors:

Unlock Colors:

Team Colors:


  • Sentinel, alongside Ada and Scarlet, were the first Legends to be released in Brawlhalla's Closed Beta phase.
  • Before Patch 5.00, Sentinel's store price was Coin Gold 3,900.

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