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Progression Skins are a type of legend skin introduced in the first Battle Pass. Progression Skins are obtained in tier 1 of the gold track in each Battle Pass. Each Progression Skin has 3 levels, with the third level having animated weapon skins. Skins level up upon completion of missions; these missions can be completed by any legend and even after the Battle Pass is over.

Previous levels of Progression Skins can be used even after unlocking the next level, so long as the option "Collapse Upgrades" in System Settings is disabled.

Current Progression Skins[]

These are the currently available progression skins:

Obake Petra
Arquivo:AniObake Petra.gif
Season One - Gold Pass Season One | Tier 1 Reward
Future Wave Val
Arquivo:AniFuture Wave Val.gif
Season Two - Gold Pass Season Two | Tier 1 Reward
Jörmungandr Mako
Arquivo:AniJörmungandr Mako.gif
Season Three - Gold Pass Season Three | Tier 1 Reward
Octavius Mordex
Arquivo:AniOctavius Mordex.gif
Season Four - Gold Pass Season Four | Tier 1 Reward
Event Horizon Artemis
Arquivo:AniEvent Horizon Artemis.gif
Season Five - Gold Pass Season Five | Tier 1 Reward
Elder Wild Ragnir
Arquivo:AniElder Wild Ragnir.gif
Season Six - Gold Pass Season Six | Tier 1 Reward


These are the missions to progress each skin:

Skin Mission Level 2 Level 3
Arquivo:Battlepass BP1 Obake Petra lvl1.png Obake Petra Win matchmaking games 50 150
Arquivo:Battlepass BP2 Future Wave Val lvl1.png Future Wave Val Side Signature or Recovery Attack KOs 200 500
Arquivo:Battlepass BP3 Jormungandr Mako lvl1.png Jörmungandr Mako Neutral Signature KOs off the bottom of the screen 25 60
Arquivo:Battlepass BP4 Octavius Mordex lvl1.png Octavius Mordex Get KOs with the Active Input version of Attacks 40 100
Arquivo:Battlepass BP5 Event Horizon Artemis lvl1.png Event Horizon Artemis KOs off the bottom with Weapons that were thrown upward 3 10
Arquivo:Battlepass BP6 Elder Wild Ragnir lvl1.png Elder Wild Ragnir Slide-charged Signature KOs 20 50
Arquivo:Battlepass BP7 Luminous Paladin Jaeyun lvl1.png Luminous Paladin Jaeyun Grounded Light Attack KOs 75 200