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Podiums are the platform characters stand on during the character select and post match screens. Custom podiums can be purchased from the Mallhalla.

List of Podiums[]

Regular Podiums[]

The following podiums can be purchased from the Malhalla year-round. All cost Coin Mammoth 240 except for the Default Podium.

Event Podiums[]

Special podiums can be purchased during seasonal events for Coin Mammoth 240 each. Unlike other event-exclusive items, Podiums from the previous years do not return and can only be purchased in the year that they were released.

Heatwave Event[]

Heatwave 2017
Arquivo:Podium Heatwave 2017.png
2017 exclusive.
Heatwave 2018
Arquivo:Podium Heatwave 2018.png
2018 exclusive.
Heatwave 2019
Arquivo:Podium Heatwave 2019.png
2019 exclusive.
Heatwave 2020
Arquivo:Podium Heatwave 2020.png
2020 exclusive.
Heatwave 2021
Arquivo:Podium Heatwave 2021.png
2021 exclusive.
Heatwave 2022
Arquivo:Podium Heatwave 2022.png
2022 exclusive.

Valhallentine's Event[]

Lion Heart
Arquivo:Podium Valentines 2018.png
2018 exclusive.
Lovestruck 2019
Arquivo:Podium Valentines 2019.png
2019 exclusive.
Lovestruck 2020
Arquivo:Podium Valentines 2020.png
2020 exclusive.
Lovestruck 2021
Arquivo:Podium Valentines 2021.png
2021 exclusive.
Lovestruck 2022
Arquivo:Podium Lovestruck 2022.png
2022 exclusive.
Lovestruck 2023
Arquivo:Podium Lovestruck 2023.png
2023 exclusive.

Brawlhallidays Event[]

Winner Wonderland
Arquivo:Podium Winner Wonderland.png
2017 exclusive.
Winner Wonderland'18
Arquivo:Podium Winner Wonderland'18.png
2018 exclusive.
Winner Wonderland'19
Arquivo:Podium Winner Wonderland'19.png
2019 exclusive.
Winner Wonderland'20
Arquivo:Podium Winner Wonderland'20.png
2020 exclusive.
Winner Wonderland'21
Arquivo:Podium Winner Wonderland'21.png
2021 exclusive.
Winner Wonderland'22
Arquivo:Podium Winner Wonderland'22.png
2022 exclusive.

Brawlhalloween Event[]

Note that the 2018 Brawlhalloween Event introduced a non-exclusive podium, the Toil and Trouble.

Graveyard Shift
Arquivo:Podium Graveyard Shift.png
2017 exclusive.
Graveyard Shift 2019
Arquivo:Podium Graveyard Shift 2019.png
2019 exclusive.
Graveyard Shift 2020
Arquivo:Podium Graveyard Shift 2020.png
2020 exclusive.
Arquivo:Podium Ofrenda.png
2021 exclusive.
Ofrenda 2022
Arquivo:Podium Ofrenda 2022.png
2022 exclusive.

Anniversary Event[]

Gilded Deco
Arquivo:Podium Gilded Deco.png
2020 exclusive.
Gilded Deco 2021
Arquivo:Podium Gilded Deco 2021.png
2021 exclusive.
Gilded Deco 2022
Arquivo:Podium Gilded Deco 2022.png
2022 exclusive.

Bloomhalla Event[]

Floral Bliss 2021
Arquivo:Podium Floral Bliss 2021.png
2021 exclusive.
Floral Bliss 2022
Arquivo:Podium Floral Bliss 2022.png
2022 exclusive.

Progression Podiums[]

Progression cosmetics were introduced alongside the Battle Pass as cosmetics that can be upgraded in appearance by completing missions.

Spirit Temple (Season One)
Arquivo:Podium Spirit Temple Lvl1.png Arquivo:Podium Spirit Temple Lvl2.png Arquivo:Podium Spirit Temple Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Arcade Nights (Season Two)
Arquivo:Podium Arcade Nights Lvl1.png Arquivo:Podium Arcade Nights Lvl2.png Arquivo:Podium Arcade Nights Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Yggdrasil's Fate (Season Three)
Arquivo:Yggdrasil's Fate Lvl 1.png Arquivo:Yggdrasil's Fate Lvl 2.png Arquivo:Yggdrasil's Fate Lvl 3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fall of the Lions (Season Four)
Arquivo:Podium Fall of the Lions Lvl1.png Arquivo:Podium Fall of the Lions Lvl2.png Arquivo:Podium Fall of the Lions Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Edge of Existence (Season Five)
Arquivo:Podium Edge of Existence Lvl1.png Arquivo:Podium Edge of Existence Lvl2.png Arquivo:Podium Edge of Existence Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Fabled Overgrowth (Season Six)
Arquivo:Podium Fabled Overgrowth Lvl1.png Arquivo:Podium Fabled Overgrowth Lvl2.png Arquivo:Podium Fabled Overgrowth Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Hero's Quest (Season Seven)
Arquivo:Podium Hero's Quest Lvl1.png Arquivo:Podium Hero's Quest Lvl2.png Arquivo:Podium Hero's Quest Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3