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The Mysterious Stranger
Strength Stats4 {{#vardefine:weapon|Rocket Lance}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]]
Dexterity Stats6
Defence Stats6 {{#vardefine:weapon|Spear}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]]
Speed Stats6
Gender: Male
Bot Name: Autorion
Store Price: Coin Gold 2,300
Store Description: A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Ivaldic battle armor. Here he is called Orion.
Released: April 30, 2014
(Alpha Launch)

Orion is one of the available characters in the game Brawlhalla. His weapons are Rocket Lance and Spear.


The Mysterious Stranger[]

Sir Roland swears Orion is the Gold Knight he never slew. Bödvar insists he is Thor in disguise. Gnash believes he is a magic rock monster. Lucien is moved to incoherent rage at the sight of him. I don't care who he is; I just want to take him apart and see how he works.
Here, I am called Orion.

As the story goes...[]

Watching from the doors of Valhalla, Bödvar, Cassidy and the other legends saw a blazing trail of smoke cut across the Asgardian sky. Behind the fiery comet, a Valkyrie raced in pursuit, as though trying to stop the fireball as it plunged into the fields of Folkvangr in a gout of dirt and flame. The legends then watched as Valkyries and emissaries of Odin gathered around the smoking crater.

Weeks later, the Sons of Ivaldi, the same dwarven smiths who had forged Odin's spear, quietly appeared in Asgard. They bore a suit of dazzling golden armor and presented it to the gods themselves. Soon after, the mighty Orion joined the feast halls of Valhalla.

Tentative and aloof at first, Orion soon warmed to the great hall and is now among its greatest warriors and most popular champions. Orion does not speak of his past, and other legends can only speculate. But Valkyries stop by his chambers to ask if he wants to, "you know, hang out or whatever, no big deal." He is the only hero seen to leave Asgard from time to time.


Armored Attack Rocket
Arquivo:Armored Attack Rocket.png
Rocket Lance Skin
Sunforged Spear
Arquivo:Sunforged Spear.png
Spear Skin


{{#vardefine:weapon|Rocket Lance}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]] Rocket Lance
Attack Image Description
Neutral Arquivo:Sig Orion LanceN.png Orion shoulders his lance, aiming it diagonally upward, and fires a powerful blast from the exhaust.
Side Arquivo:Sig Orion LanceS.png

Orion readies his jet wings and boosts forward, reaching his lance out to hit anyone in front.

This attack can be slightly steered if running before charging. Additionally, if slide-charged off stage, Orion will float while charging instead of falling.

Down Arquivo:Sig Orion LanceD.png Orion jumps backwards, shooting a barrage of blast shots from the exhaust of his lance.
{{#vardefine:weapon|Spear}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]] Spear
Attack Image Description
Neutral Arquivo:Sig Orion SpearN.png Orion jumps high into the air and comes back down, jabbing his spear into the ground while stunning anyone in his path. If done off stage, Orion's spear jab will reach much lower than normal.
Side Arquivo:Sig Orion SpearS.png Orion propels himself forward with his jet wings, letting loose an energy slash at the end of his boost.
Down Arquivo:Sig Orion SpearD.png Orion spins in place with his spear aimed out, creating a ring of slashing blue energy to hit anyone around him.

List of Skins[]

Dark Age Orion
Arquivo:Dark Age Orion 1.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Harbinger Orion
Arquivo:Harbinger Orion.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 200
Atomic Orion
Arquivo:Atomic Orion 1.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 80
Metadev Orion
Arquivo:Metadev Orion.png
Not normally obtainable.
See Metadev
Orion For Hire
Arquivo:Orion For Hire.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 200
Kabuto Orion
Arquivo:Kabuto Orion.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Corsair Orion
Arquivo:Corsair Orion.png
Arquivo:Icon Chest.png Skysail Chest exclusive
Atlantean Orion
Arquivo:Atlantean Orion.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Arquivo:EventIcon Summer.png Heatwave exclusive
Crossfade Orion
Arquivo:Crossfade Orion.png
Arquivo:Icon Chest.png Brawl City Chest exclusive
Black Knight
Cost: Coin Mammoth 300
Cyber Oni Orion
Arquivo:Cyber Oni Orion.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Orion Prime
Season Five - Gold Pass Season Five | Tier 85 Reward

Color Variants[]

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Level-up Colors:

Event Colors:

Battle Pass Colors:

Unlock Colors:

Team Colors:


  • Orion has undergone several name changes, being named "Völst" before Beta v1.0, and "Hildr" before any playable releases.
  • Before Patch 5.09, Orion's bot name was "Orbot." This was changed because Reno's orb is named Orbot.
  • Orion is a hated legend in some communities due to his easily abusable signatures. The phrase "Yellow Man Bad" has been created to express discontent towards Orion players.

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