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Missions are special challenges for the player to complete in Brawlhalla. There exist several types of missions, each granting the player different rewards on completion.

Daily Missions[]


An example of the Daily Missions menu.

Daily Missions are new challenges given to the player each day. Three Daily Missions can be held and progressed at the same time, but the player will not earn new missions if they are already holding three. Additionally, the player can change one mission each day for a random new mission.

Completing a Daily Mission will grant the player Coin Gold 250 and, if a Battle Pass is underway, Battle Gems 4.

Daily Missions are always able to be completed using Legends from the free Legend Rotation.

Possible Daily Missions include:

  • 3 wins with a Legend using a randomly selected weapon
  • 8 KOs with either weapon from a specific weapon combo
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  • Battle Boots & Scythe
  • Blasters & Bow
  • Blasters & Katars
  • Bow & Orb
  • Bow & Axe
  • Cannon & Rocket Lance
  • Cannon & Battle Boots
  • Gauntlets & Cannon
  • Gauntlets & Katars
  • Gauntlets & Battle Boots
  • Hammer & Greatsword
  • Hammer & Spear
  • Orb & Axe
  • Orb & Katars
  • Rocket Lance & Hammer
  • Rocket Lance & Spear
  • Scythe & Greatsword
  • Scythe & Blasters
  • Spear & Sword
  • Sword & Axe
  • Sword & Greatsword
  • 6 Unarmed KOs
  • 3 Gadget KOs
  • 3 Thrown Weapon KOs
  • KO 25 Opponents
  • 10 gravity cancelled hits
  • Deal 7,500 damage
  • 10 Neutral Signature KOs
  • 10 Side Signature KOs
  • 10 Down Signature KOs
  • Play 5 matches of a randomly selected gamemode
  • Win 3 matches of a randomly selected gamemode
    • Possible gamemodes include Free-for-All, Strikeout 1v1, Friendly 2v2, Experimental 1v1, Ranked 1v1, Seasonal Ranked, or Ranked 2v2 (requires 1 less games played/won)

Battle Pass Missions[]


An example of the Daily Missions menu.

Battle Pass Missions are challenges available if a Battle Pass is underway. Many of the missions' rewards are Battle Gems used to progress the Battle Pass, but some are also cosmetic rewards.

Specifics for what missions and rewards are currently available are present on the Battle Pass page's Missions section.

General Missions[]

The General Missions of the Battle Pass are the most varied type of Missions. Currently, there are three different types of General Missions:

Battle Pass XP Mission[]

The "Earn Battle Pass XP" mission is achieved simply by playing matches and grants the player Battle Gems Battle Gems. The default reward is only Battle Gems 2, but can be elevated up to Battle Gems 12 if the player performs well in-game and through Battle Pass XP Multipliers (earned as a Battle Pass reward).

This mission can be completed up to 100 times. Each time it is completed, more Battle Pass XP is required to re-complete it.

Progression Missions[]

If the Gold Pass of a Battle Pass is bought, the player will instantly earn some Progression Cosmetics. Progression Missions are used to upgrade those cosmetics to the next level.

Once a Progression Mission is completed, the associated cosmetic will level-up, and a new Progression Mission is unlocked. This new mission is the same mission but with a higher completion requirement, and on completion will level-up the cosmetic to its final level.

While both the first and second progression mission for a cosmetic are always the same challenge, the second mission can not be progressed until the first is completed. This means that if you were to complete the first level of a mission in a match, any additional progress in that same match will not count towards the next level of the mission.

Completionist Mission[]

The Completionist Mission is progressed by completing Weekly Missions, meaning the player will have to complete all Weekly Missions, as well as reaching Battle Pass level 85, to finish this mission. A special cosmetic reward is granted to those who finish it.

Weekly Missions[]

Weekly Missions are a set of 7 new missions available for completion each week. Only 3 of the missions are available to Free Pass players, whereas players who have bought the Gold Pass can complete all missions.

These missions have varying difficulties and reward anywhere from Battle Gems 2 to Battle Gems 12 depending on the difficulty. A bonus Battle Gems 3 is earned for completing any 4 missions from the same week.

Missions from past weeks can still be completed as long as the Battle Pass is still running.

Brawl of the Week Victory Bonus[]

This victory bonus is earned from winning Brawl Of The Week.

Depending on the current gamemode, the player will either have to win once, twice, or get at least 2nd place once. This mission always rewards the player with Coin Gold 300.

Tutorial and Challenges[]

The Tutorial and Challenges systems are missions that primarily aim to teach the player game concepts. Unlike regular missions, these missions have their own dedicated modes found in the Offline Play menu.

The Tutorials are three very basic missions that require the player to fight against bots. Each stage gives a coin reward for first time completion - Coin Gold 100, Coin Gold 150 and Coin Gold 200 respectively.

Challenges are a work-in-progress system that aim to teach the player about more elaborate game mechanics and concepts. These challenges pit the player against a stationary target, and require them to perform specific inputs to complete the challenge. Completing a challenge does not give a coin reward, but instead unlocks the next challenge for play.