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Metadev Orion collectors card.

Metadev skins are rare items that can not be obtained by normal means in-game or through DLC. These skins were created to be a gift if you were to meet a dev, hence the name "Met A Dev." Metadev skins can primarily be obtained through meeting a dev at an event or in online giveaways.


Metadevs can only be unlocked through redeeming special codes in the Store. There are several ways these Metadev codes can be earned:

  • Attending an in-person tournament or event
  • Online giveaways
  • Viewership Rewards (2020-2021 only)

At live tournaments and events, Metadev codes are distributed through cards with unique artwork of the Metadev legend. These cards are given out by meeting the dev in person at events like PAX or BCX. They are also found in goodie bags distributed to attendees at BCX.

For online giveaways, Metadev codes are sometimes given out through Brawlhalla's official Twitch or Twitter giveaways. These giveaways are usually done without any forewarning, so they can be easy to miss. Many community members also do their own third-party giveaways on different social media sites.

Viewership Rewards offered Metadev codes in 2020 and 2021 due to BCX being fully online. In 2020, Metadev Fait was available through Viewership Rewards, and for Brawlhalla's 5th Anniversary, so were all previously released Metadevs (Orion to Asuri). It was emphasized that previous Metadevs would never be available in this manner again, and owners of previous Metadevs were given an exclusive Title for each one they owned. In 2021, Metadev Barraza was distributed as a BCX Viewership Reward. BCX returned as an in-person tournament in 2022, making it unlikely Metadevs will be released as Viewership Rewards again.


A new Metadev is revealed at each year's BCX tournament. The latest Metadev skin is what gets distributed the most, however Metadevs from the previous year or two are also sometimes given. Metadevs from more than two years ago are rarely (if ever) distributed officially.

While new codes for old Metadevs are typically not generated, old unredeemed codes will always be redeemable and never expire.

List of Metadevs[]

The following is a list of all Metadev skins, ordered by date of release:

Metadev Orion
Arquivo:Metadev Orion.png
Metadev Brynn
Arquivo:Metadev Brynn.png
Metadev Ember
Arquivo:Metadev Ember.png
Metadev Bödvar
Arquivo:Metadev Bödvar.png
Metadev Asuri
Arquivo:Metadev Asuri.png
Metadev Fait
Arquivo:Metadev Fait.png
Metadev Barraza
Arquivo:Metadev Barraza.png
Metadev Teros
Arquivo:Metadev Teros.png

Other Metadev Cosmetics[]

There are several non-skin cosmetics that are related to Metadevs.


At BCX 2020 and in celebration of Brawlhalla's 5th anniversary, all old Metadevs were available as Viewership Rewards. To compensate players who previously had these Metadevs, exclusive titles were given out for each previously owned Metadev. These titles have a unique color and can not be obtained any other way.

Title Acquisition
OG Metadev Asuri Given to players who obtained Metadev Asuri prior to BCX 2020.
OG Metadev Bödvar Given to players who obtained Metadev Bödvar prior to BCX 2020.
OG Metadev Brynn Given to players who obtained Metadev Brynn prior to BCX 2020.
OG Metadev Ember Given to players who obtained Metadev Ember prior to BCX 2020.
OG Metadev Orion Given to players who obtained Metadev Orion prior to BCX 2020.


At BCX 2022, Metadev-themed emojis were distributed in two ways:

  • A pack of emojis based on all previous Metadevs, as a Viewership Reward from the BCX '22 Day 3 track.
  • A Metadev Teros emoji earned when redeeming a code for Metadev Teros (this has yet to be released).