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Lore is a part of Brawlhalla that goes beyond the game. Lore is used to paint a picture of why all these Legends are together, and what they did before they entered Valhalla.


Each Legend has a "Lore" section on the Meet the Legends screen in-game. These can also be seen on the individual Legend pages on this wiki.



Asgard is an afterlife location home to gods, based off of norse mythology. Asgard is connected to Brawlhalla as it is home to Valhalla, where all combat in Brawlhalla takes place.


Valhalla is the main location where battle takes place, and can be seen depicted the map The Great Hall. This is based off the Norse mythological Valhalla, a great hall in Asgard for warriors who have died in combat. As such, most of the Legends of Valhalla have come here through death in combat, and are destined to fight forever. There are a few Legends who didn't die in combat and are still in Valhalla, however:

  • Bödvar, who broke down the doors of Valhalla and entered himself, as he felt he would never be defeated in battle.
  • Brynn, who was born in Valhalla.
  • Orion, who mysteriously fell from the Asgardian sky.
  • Ulgrim, who is one of The Sons of Ivaldi and has always been in Asgard.
  • Kor, who was built by Elven sorcerers for combat against Asgard. Also, Kor has his job as platform mover in Valhalla.
  • Sir Roland, who was punched by the Valkyrie Hypernia as an old man on his deathbed, so he could technically die in battle.
  • Thor, who is the son of Odin.
  • Munin, who, along with her sister Hugin, are the messengers of Odin and thus live somewhere within Asgard.


Meyers Baby Food Corporation[]

Abbreviated as MBFC, this organization is referenced in Ada and Val's lore, and suspiciously seems to work in nanotech (their slogan being "Your Friend in Nanotech"). Their logo can be seen in lots of places, such as Ada's shirt, Val's forehead, High Frequency Yumiko's headphones, and in the background of Miami Dome.

The Iron Legion[]

The Iron Legion is a mercenary army under Azoth's empire. The army was previously lead by the Troll Titan before being seized and replaced by Xull. Under Xull's lead, the group became rich and powerful. Xull's recruiting process for the army was to place a bounty on his head, and those who were fearless enough to claim it and tough enough to survive Xull's beatdown would be offered to live if they join the army.

Teros is known to have been a part of the Iron Legion for some time, though it's unknown if he attempted to claim the bounty on Xull's head. It is said he changed the outcome of the Battle of Orc Pass in favor of Azoth.

The Iron Legion is referenced in the skins Commander Xull, Iron Legion Teros, and Iron Legion Mordex. The Iron Legion Mordex skin is peculiar, as there is no other confirmation of Mordex's involvement in the Iron Legion.

Electric Fight Orchestra[]

This "Techno-Fantasy Euro Pop" Band is mentioned in Isaiah's lore, and consists of Isaiah, Ada, Ulgrim, and Fait. This group has been seen referenced in both official art and in the Welcome to Brawlhalla animated short. The group's name was confirmed in a teaser for a new legend.

Valhallan Ladies' Book Club[]

As the name implies, this is a ladies' book club in Valhalla. Confirmed members of the club are Scarlet (the group leader), Fait, and Onyx. Xull has also challenged Scarlet for leadership of the group (though he is not actually part of the group).

The Order of the Exalted Lion[]

Was a group of hunters dedicated to fighting the monsters of Batavia. The first person to receive the title the "Exalted Lioness" was Jhala from the God Apollo after leading all of Thera against the forces of Azoth.

Later in another era Diana and Mordex shared a place within the order, but it succumbed after the hunger for power the Mordex destroyed it when I took the Geminus Virens, this story is touched more deeply in the Battle Pass season 4 (Although they are different timelines)

It is known that Sir Roland was part of the order but the time when it happened is unknown.

It is also confirmed that Isaiah was the leader of the modern-day Order.