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Launch options are a minor feature exclusive to the PC versions of Brawlhalla. They are configuration options that make very minor changes (and generally insignificant) changes to the game.

To edit launch options, right-click on Brawlhalla in your Steam library and select "Properties". A menu will pop up with the section "Launch Options", where you can enter any launch options you want.

Common Misconceptions[]

Many players use extraneous launch options. These are typically labelled as generic "Best Steam Launch Options" when searching online. While a lot of games do implement them, Brawlhalla does not. As such, these launch options have no effect on the game's performance, how the game acts, or any underlying features. Some of those options include but are not limited to: -high, -force32, -forceservice, -32bit, -dx9, +fps_max 0, -nod3d9ex, -nojoy, -tickrate 128, etc.

List of Launch Options[]


-noskulls removes skulls from Bombs and the map Shipwreck Falls.

This was added as a response to a Reddit post where a player's mother thought the game was evil due to the skulls.


-multikeyboard allows the player to connect multiple keyboards to the same computer and use them as if they were separate controllers.


-unlockfps changes Brawlhalla's fps target from 60 to 1000. This is to help for players who may experience input lag. This is equivalent to -setfps 1000.

-setfps [fps][]

-setfps allows players with a monitor/screen refresh rate to play Brawlhalla at the fps of their choice (max refresh rate of the monitor is the limit), rather than the default 60 fps. Minimum fps is 25, and maximum fps is 1000 (assuming the monitor's refresh rate is greater than or equal to 1000).


-framefix is an experimental feature to improve animation smoothness and input response. This can be used with -setfps to specify a target fps (typically your monitor's refresh rate).

-framefixunbounded does the same thing but also disables V-Sync and allows the game to run at an fps higher than the monitor's refresh rate assuming it was set high enough using -setfps.

This launch option currently only works on the tech-test branch of Brawlhalla.


-nonetworknext disables Network Next. Network Next is a system that attempts to improve the connection to the servers by optimizing routing, and changing tolerances controlling how the game client and server detect and remedy poor network performance; in effect, this makes the game favor smaller, more frequent rollbacks as opposed to larger spikes in latency. It is also possible to enable and disable it in-game by typing /NETWORKNEXTENABLE or /NETWORKNEXTDISABLE in the in-game chat. It is enabled by default.


-noeac disables Easy Anti-Cheat from running. This can be used if EAC is blocking an installed mod or if the user simply doesn't want to use EAC.

Note that Ranked and Tournament gamemodes are not be available for users with this option enabled.


-eac force-enables EAC (despite the fact it's on by default). The purpose of this is unknown, although it might have been used to test EAC.


-latencytest (or equivalently -nvidiareflex) will draw a white rectangle in the top left of the screen when Brawlhalla detects a mouse press. The purpose of this launch option is to get more data regarding the performance impacts of Easy Anti-Cheat. This launch option only works on devices that are compatible with NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer.


-broadcaster allows the player to configure team colors through chat commands. This is only client-side, meaning other players don't see this color change in effect.

The following chat commands can be used:

  • /teamcolor list - displays the list of usable colors
  • /teamcolor [1/2] <color> - change the color for team 1 or 2. By default, team 1 is red team (or left side spawn) and team 2 is blue team (or right side spawn).
  • /teamcolor reset - reverts any changes made

Only level-up colors, white, black and the red/blue team colors can be set as a team's color.

This option also removes all Clan names aside from the Clan menu.


-writestats records statistics from all games the user spectates and saves them into the "BrawlhallaStatDumps" and "BrawlhallaStatsLive" folders.

This launch option will also render the selected pose and face of all legends used in the match into the "BrawlhallaRenders" folder as the match is starting; renders will only be generated in custom matches.

According to Toast, this launch option can cause unwanted spectate delay, and may even crash the game client. As such, if used for broadcasting purposes, it should not be used on the client that's streaming the match.

-spectatedelay [delay] [discard][]

-spectatedelay changes the spectator delay using two parameters.

The delay parameter delays the spectator's game view from the players' by the specified amount in milliseconds. This parameter does not discard any game ticks but will instead linearly shift them forward. The default value when not using -spectatedelay is 3000 ms, and the minimum value is 1000 ms.

The discard parameter discards the first game ticks equivalent to the specified amount in milliseconds. This parameter does not add any linear delay. In effect, this will delay the spectator at the beginning of the game, but not the end. If the discard parameter is greater than the length of match, the game will instantly load the post-game scoreboard after the number of milliseconds specified passes. The default value when not using -spectatedelay is 1000 ms, and the minimum value is 100 ms.

This is commonly used on tournament streams to give production more time to prepare for the next game or get instant replays ready.


-fodabot copies the name(s) of the winning player/team when the scoreboard appears to the user's clipboard; the player names in teams are separated by a "|" (pipe character). This setting will still copy the true name of a player even if they disconnect during an online game. In offline games, the legend's name in all caps is used instead.

Additonally, a dev setting called FodaBotMode exists, but it has no associated code in the live version of the game.


-tinywindow opens the game in a 960x540 window. The purpose of this is unknown, although it might have been used to test mobile UI.


-controllertest displays any held buttons and/or axes of all connected controllers in the user's chat.


-steamdeck changes the default button prompts to Steam Deck buttons instead of keyboard buttons. It also removes the ability to change the game's Display Mode, although it doesn't force it to be set to Fullscreen.


-showversion displays the current game version in the top left on the main menu.


-diagnosticlog (or equivalently -diagnosticslog) creates diagnostic logs containing various game events. These logs are created in the user's document folder, and use the following naming scheme: Brawlhalla-Diagnostic-Log-<Date>-<Time>.txt. The filestream writing the file is not closed until the DiganosticsLog object is destroyed; in other words, the file is only accessible after the game is closed.

Click Expand to view all possible logged events.
  • Diagnostics Log: Created
  • Diagnostics Log: Destroyed
  • Command Line: Arguments
  • Display: Created
  • Display: Resize
  • Display: Render Times
  • Display: Frame Times
  • Gameplay: Rollback
  • Gameplay: Rollback From Input
  • Gameplay: Forced Rollback
  • Gameplay: Server Time Adjustment
  • Gameplay: Input Restamp
  • Gameplay: Resync
  • Game Network: <UDP/TCP>, Send Packet
  • Game Network: <UDP/TCP>, Server Received Index
  • Game Network: <UDP/TCP>, Receive Packet
  • Game Network: UDP, Connecting
  • Game Network: UDP, Closing
  • Game Network: UDP, Error
  • Game Network: Ping Time
  • Game Network: Delay Adjustment
  • Network: Connected
  • Network: Disconnected
  • Error: Crash
  • Error: Fatal

-setdate [date][]

-setdate controls certain timed aspects of the game. Date format is YYYY-MM-DD.

The following items are controlled by -setdate: main menu Esports tiles, DLC pack tiles.

The following items are not controlled by -setdate, but instead rely on the system clock: Tournament registration and live times in the Esports screen.

The following items are not controlled by -setdate, but instead rely on the Brawlhalla API Status endpoint: current Event and its corresponding shop items, main menu tiles, and splash art, livestream tiles, Prime Gaming Bundles tiles, some DLC tiles, and maintenance and patch tiles.


-ptr disconnects the client from the live Brawlhalla Servers (if you're on the latest version), and attempts to connect to a private test realm (although the connection is never established). This launch option is probably related to the certification and certification-tech-test branches. The purpose of this launch option might be for partners (such as intellectual property owners) to preview upcoming content such as Crossovers.