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Hints are the short informational texts that appear at the bottom of the screen during loading screens.

List of Hints[]

Each hint has several properties to determine whether it will appear:

  • Weight, which is the chance the hint has to appear - higher weight means higher chance.
  • Min and Max Level, which are the levels a player must be in between to see a hint.
  • Case, which is a special requirement a small number of hints need to be seen.
Hint Weight Min Level Max Level Case
Using your Heavy Attack in the air gives your character a vertical boost. 1 1 10
Pressing different directions and attacking will perform different attacks. 1 1 10
Press Heavy Attack on the ground to perform your Legend's Signature Attacks. 1 1 5
A weapon's Air Attacks are different than its Ground Attacks. 1 1 5
Change your Legend's skin for an awesome look! 1 1 5
Customize your Legend's Weapons to brawl in style! 1 1 5
You can equip your eight favorite Emotes to use in Brawlhalla matches. 1 1 10
Using the Horn will call your Sidekick to bring you a Weapon. 1 1 10
Throw a Bouncy Bomb into the fray for maximum impact! 1 1 10
Each Legend uses a unique combination of two Weapons. 1 1 10
No connection? No problem. Play in offline mode! 1 1 100
Strength affects how far your opponent goes flying. 1 1 10
Dexterity affects how quickly your attacks fire and how quickly you recover. 1 1 10
Defense affects how quickly your Legend slows down after getting hit. 1 1 10
Speed affects how fast your legend runs across the map. 1 1 10
Each Legend has three unique Signature Attacks per Weapon. 1 1 10
There are Easy, Medium and Hard Bots to fight in Brawhalla. 1 1 10
Change between different Game Modes in the Game Settings screen. 1 1 10
Have you tried Training Mode? It's the only place to see Hitboxes and exact damage numbers. 2 1 100
Enter Arcade Mode for some quick single-player fun with Bots. 1 1 19
Play Online to get matched up with random opponents. 1 1 19
Play Custom Online and play with your friends in an online game. 1 1 19
Emotes can be purchased in the Mallhalla. 1 5 100
Legend Skins can be purchased in the Mallhalla. 1 5 100
Weapon Skins can be purchased in the Mallhalla. 1 5 100
The indicators in the top right show what place each player is in. 1 1 10
You can throw your Weapons at opponents. It's a great way to keep them from recovering! 1 10 19
You get 2 Aerial Jumps and a Recovery Attack. Landing on the ground or Wall-sliding resets them. 1 1 10
If you're out of Jumps and get hit, you get one back. 1 1 10
You get one free Recovery Attack while airborne. Extra will cost you Aerial Jumps. 1 1 10
Wall sliding is easy! Just jump into a wall to stick to it. 1 1 10
You can use Wall-sliding to reset your Jumps or move away from a wall to fling yourself off it. 1 1 10
When you hit an enemy with a Spike Ball, it pops up into the air. Catch it to continue your Spike Ball barrage! 1 8 19
How fast a non-explosive Item travels and how long it's been airborne factor into how hard it hits. 1 8 100
Don't want to check the HUD? Players will flash their damage color when hit. 5 1 100
Every time you get hit you take damage. The more damage you take, the farther you fly when you get hit. 5 1 10
Don't just stand there and wait for your opponents to get back to the map. Get out there! 3 10 19
There's no limit on how many times you can Dodge while airborne, but the cooldown is much longer. 1 1 19
You are invincible for a short time after your Sidekick returns you to the battlefield. 2 1 10
Armed Mines will explode if you get too close to them. Best to leave them be until they go off on their own. 1 4 19
Throw objects at Mines to give them maximum speed...and knockout potential. 1 5 15
Try hitting opponents into their own Mines. You'll get credit as if you had planted it. 1 3 10
Thrown Items maintain some of your velocity as they leave your hand. 1 10 100
You can catch thrown Gadgets, but it requires careful timing. 1 5 15
Can't seem to avoid getting hit? Have you tried Dodging? 2 2 10
Press Dodge with no direction to Dodge in place in the air or on the ground. 2 4 15
Just because an Attack doesn't send your opponents flying very far doesn't mean it's not racking up damage. 2 5 19
In Timed mode, Knockouts are worth 2 points and being knocked out is worth -1 point. 2 5 19
Don't try knocking yourself out to get an advantage; that will net you -3 points. 2 5 19
Sidekicks summoned by Horn not only bring you a fresh Weapon, but will barrel through enemies on the way. 1 5 15
If you didn't summon that flaming Sidekick, get out of the way! 2 2 10
Spike Balls do not bounce very much. This makes them great at "defusing" Mines. 1 5 15
You can throw Weapons and Gadgets in eight directions. 2 1 8
Want to pickup an Item when people are around? Use the Throw button. 1 1 10
You can set your preferred server location in the Account page. 5 1 100
Go to to see the global leaderboards! 5 1 100 Play on PC
Gravity Canceling: You can cancel an Aerial Spot Dodge with a ground attack! 5 10 100
Slide Charging: you can continue charging Heavy Attacks if you fall off a ledge. 3 10 100
Fast-falling is great for throwing off your opponent's timing. 2 10 15
You can turn off Quick Attack picking up items in the Controller Options. 1 10 19
Dodge forward shortly after hitting an opponent to get a Chase Dodge. 4 10 100
Canceling a Chase Dodge with an attack will give that attack extra momentum. 2 13 100
You can Dodge during a Chase Dodge to get a second Chase Dodge. 2 14 100
You can ban one map for each matchmaking queue in the Lobby Settings. 1 100 100
Hate gadgets in Ranked? You can ban them in the Lobby Settings. 1 100 100
Did you know that you can play with keyboard and mouse? Because you totally can. 1 100 100 Play on PS4
Set "-multikeyboard" as a Launch Option in Steam to allow multiple keyboard players! 1 100 100 Play on PC
Set "-noskulls" as a Launch Option in Steam to hide depictions of skulls in the game. 1 100 100 Play on PC
While on the ground, you can Dash left, Dash right, or Spot Dodge in place. 1 1 100
While in the air, you can Dodge in all 8 cardinal and ordinal directions. You can also Spot Dodge. 1 1 10
You can only Dash on the Ground. 1 1 10
Dashing shortly after changing direction will give you a Back Dash. 1 1 100
Forward Dash can be chained into any other action, even a Dodge. 1 1 100
Dash Jump: Pressing Jump immediately after a Forward Dash will provide a faster, lower jump arc. 1 15 100
The threshold for getting a Back Dash after turning is longer if you also hold the down direction. 1 15 100
Dash forward and hold forward to Sprint! Sprinting is faster than repeatedly Dashing. 1 1 100
Try Dashing back and forth to mix up your approach and confuse your opponent! 1 1 100
Having access to Dash means you're much more mobile on the ground than you are in the air. 1 1 10
Hold down and forward while pressing Dodge/Dash after a hit to do a Dash instead of a Chase Dodge. 1 15 100
Don't like a Daily Mission? You can replace one a day for a new one. 2 4 100
Each stock respawns you with a random combination of legends and weapons N/A N/A Play Switchcraft
In the Morph game mode, use the Throw button to cycle between your chosen Legends. N/A N/A Play Morph


  • There exists two unused hints in the game. They're meant to appear for players with an account level between 1 and 10:
    • Play games to earn Gold to unlock cool things!
    • Unlocking Color Schemes allows you to customize how your Legend appears.
  • A hint referencing post-game chat etiquette used to exist before the removal of post-game chat:
    • Please be polite in post-game chat. It makes the game more enjoyable for everyone :)