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The Fangwild's Daughter
Strength Stats6 {{#vardefine:weapon|Bow}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]]
Dexterity Stats6
Defence Stats3 {{#vardefine:weapon|Katars}}[[File:{{#var:weapon}}_Icon.png|54px|link={{#var:weapon}}]]
Speed Stats7
Gender: Female
Bot Name: Embot
Store Price: Coin Gold 900
Store Description: The Fangwild's daughter is not to be trifled with.
Released: November 11, 2015
(Beta 2.1)

Ember is one of the available characters in the game Brawlhalla. Ember has a pair of Katars and a Bow as her weapons and 7 points of Speed for her best stat, while her Defense is at a low 3 points.


The Fangwild's Daughter[]

Scholars propose the Fangwild Forest is a spacetime anomaly much like a black hole. It borders many realities, and in theory travelers might pass through it into other worlds. But they would inevitably be torn to shreds along the way.
Smith's Miscellany Cryptobotanica
If I have to separate you two again, neither is staying in the Fangwild. And that goes for every dragon here.

As the story goes...[]

No mortal has seen the center of the Fangwild Forest. The magic is too dense, the peril is too deep. Not the elves who live on the edges of the Fangwild. Not the adventurers and fools who brave the forest in search of paths to other universes. Not the ghouls and beasts drawn in by the call of magic. No mortal but Ember.

For thousands of years, Ember hunted the ever-changing paths of the Fangwild. With the wolf Ash and her raven Yarra, she guarded the Fangwild from itself, and protected the bordering worlds from the eldritch wood. She fought the Primordials. She befriended a lonely Minotaur. She rescued a furious Viking lost in deep in the Fangwild's heart. She rode a wild dragon through the maelstrom at the heart of the forest. In ancient days before Valhalla, Fangwild's borders touched even Asgard, and Ember walked with the first warriors among the mighty trees that would form its rafters.

Now, amidst the glory of her afterlife in Valhalla, Ember's mind is fixed on the Fangwild, and the Fangwild mourns its daughter. With Ember gone into Valhalla, the Fangwild has slipped into madness. Twisted and impassable, its wilds threaten to spill out across the many realms it touches. Ember knows there are paths both to and from Valhalla. She fights in the tournament, hoping that in victory she can find a way back and set things right in her forest home.

List of Skins[]

Nightshade Ember
Arquivo:Nightshade Ember.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Radiant Ember
Arquivo:Radiant Ember.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 80
Holly Jolly Ember
Arquivo:Holly Jolly Ember.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Arquivo:EventIcon Winter.png Brawlhallidays exclusive
Grovewarden Ember
Arquivo:Grovewarden Ember.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Fangwild Fawn Ember
Arquivo:Fangwild Fawn Ember.png
Arquivo:Icon Chest.png Ancient Chest exclusive
Star Guardian Ember
Arquivo:Star Guardian Ember.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Ember the Hunter
Arquivo:Ember the Hunter.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 140
Meadowguard Ember
Arquivo:Meadowguard Ember.png
Arquivo:Icon Chest.png Wild Chest exclusive
Dragon Heart Ember
Arquivo:Dragon Heart Ember.png
Cost: Coin Mammoth 200
Metadev Ember
Arquivo:Metadev Ember.png
Not normally obtainable.
See Metadev
Modular Riff Ember
Arquivo:Modular Riff Ember.png
Season Two - Gold Pass Season Two | Tier 47 Reward
Cost: Coin Mammoth 300
Fangwild's Heart Ember
Season Six - Gold Pass Season Six | Tier 85 Reward

Color Variants[]

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Level-up Colors:

Event Colors:

Battle Pass Colors:

Unlock Colors:

Team Colors:


  • Ember was the first Legend to be released in Brawlhalla's Open Beta phase.
  • Before Patch 5.00, Ember's store price was Coin Gold 5,400.

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