Brawlhalla Wiki

Cosmetics are unlockable items in Brawlhalla that players can equip to customize their in-game appearance. These items are completely optional and have no gameplay advantage.

These items can be unlocked in many ways, typically through the Store, the Battle Pass, or DLC. There have also been many different Promotional Distributions that allow players to unlock cosmetics, such as Viewership Rewards and Prime Gaming Bundles.

Cosmetics can be equipped in the Inventory section on menu screens, and for individual Legends on the Legend Select screen.

Types of Cosmetics[]

There are a wide array of cosmetic types in Brawlhalla - the following list details these cosmetic types and their purposes:

  • Skins - change the appearance of individual Legends.
  • Epic Skins - Skins that have extra effects, such as special Signatures or lock-in pose.
  • Weapon Skins - change the appearance of individual Weapons.
  • Colors - change the color scheme of Legends.
  • Sidekicks - change the sidekick that carries the player in each match.
  • Emotes - different taunts that the player can perform mid-game.
  • KO Effects - change the explosion when knocking out an opponent.
  • Avatars - change the icon next to your name in menu screens.
  • Titles - a title that displays under your name in the lobby, loading screens and post-game screen.
  • Loading Frames - change the border around your Legend in loading screens.
  • Podiums - change the podium your Legend stands on in the lobby and post-game screen.
  • UI Themes - an emblem that shows up in the loading screen, post-game screen and when scoring a KO.
  • Emoji Skins - change the appearance of your Emojis in the lobby and post-game screen.


Most cosmetics are available to purchase at any time through the Store, however some cosmetics have more limited availability:

  • Chest exclusive skins - these can only be unlocked from respective Chests.
  • Seasonal Event cosmetics - these can only be purchased while the event is running.
  • Seasonal Event Podiums - unlike other event cosmetics, Podiums do not return the next time the event is active.
  • Battle Pass cosmetics - these are exclusive to respective Battle Passes, however passes can return through Battle Pass Classic.
  • DLC cosmetics - these typically do not return.
  • Event and Seasonal Ranked titles - these do not return once the event/ranked season ends.

There are also many limited-time Store Code distributions with exclusive items, however the codes from these distributions never expire.