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Brawlhalla Grand Slam is a game developed by Ubisoft using the Cocos Creator Engine. It released as an open beta in late-2021, and was fully released on March 7th, 2022.

Brawlhalla Grand Slam can be played through this link in browsers on any platform.


Arquivo:BGS Screenshot.png

Brawlhalla Grand Slam gameplay.

The gameplay of Brawlhalla Grand Slam is very different from Brawlhalla. 8 players face each other in an arena of randomly generated walls, with a bed of clouds at the bottom that can be bounced off of. Players will always be clinging onto a wall, and must click and aim to set a trajectory for their character to launch.

Launching your character will make them attack the first opponent that comes in their range. It is possible for the player to miss an attack if they are too far after the attack starts. If two players are mid-air and in range, the higher player typically has priority. Upon getting hit, the player will bounce up to 4 times - a player can not be hit while they are bouncing.

Each player has a set amount of HP depending on the selected character. The goal of the game is to deal damage to your opponents until they have no HP left and are eliminated, and be the last player standing.

Once the player has been eliminated or won, they will earn Coins coins based on their score and Points points based on their ranking (up to Points 10 per match). The amount of Coins coins earned can be doubled each match by watching an ad. The amount of Points points a player has changes their rank on the leaderboard.

Normally the player will be queued up against random players, however custom games can be created to play with friends by sharing a link or room code.


Several items can be picked up during the game to help the player.

Item Use Player Effect
Arquivo:BGS Pickup Shield.png Gives the player a shield that lasts a few seconds, and blocks a single hit. Arquivo:BGS Active Shield.png
Arquivo:BGS Pickup Attack.png Lasts a few seconds, makes the next attack deal +1 damage Arquivo:BGS Active Attack.png
Arquivo:BGS Pickup Health.png Heals the player for +1 HP. Will not go over player's max HP.
Arquivo:BGS Pickup Coins.png Gives the player Coins 5 coins.


Arquivo:BGS Booster.png

The booster option.

Once before each match, an advertisement can be watched to give the player a boost. This boost is randomly selected and lasts for the duration of the next match.

Booster Effect
Arquivo:BGS Booster HP.png Gives the player +1 max HP for the next round.
Arquivo:BGS Booster Pointer.png Increases the distance of the player's aiming pointer. This seems to be a visual aid and not change how far the player travels.
Arquivo:BGS Booster Coins.png Double the amount of coins earned at the end of the next match.


Arquivo:BGS Revive.png

The revive screen.

Once per match, an eliminated player can chose to be revived. This will instantly bring the player back to life at full HP with a shield, but the player must watch an advertisement at the end of the match. The only time this can't be used is if the eliminated player finishes 2nd place.

If a player revives and is eliminated again, or choses not to revive, they can spectate the match.

If a player revives and has an adblocker enabled or closes the advertisement early, they will not receive any Coins coins after the match.


Unlike Brawlhalla, each character only uses 1 weapon, and all characters that use the same weapon play identically to each other. There are currently 5 different weapons with 42 playable characters; most of these characters are Skins treated as individual characters.

The following are all the playable characters and their unique traits:


Axe users have 6 maximum HP, as opposed to the standard 5 HP.

Arquivo:BGS Icon Brynn.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Shield-maiden Brynn.png
Shield-maiden Brynn
Arquivo:BGS Icon Harpy Brynn.png
Harpy Brynn
Unlocked by default Watch 2 ads Coins 1000
Arquivo:BGS Icon Azoth.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Annihilator Azoth.png
Annihilator Azoth
Arquivo:BGS Icon Sky Scourge Azoth.png
Sky Scourge Azoth
Coins 100 Coins 350 Watch 5 ads
Arquivo:BGS Icon Xull.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Grid Iron Xull.png
Grid Iron Xull
Coins 100 Watch 3 ads


Gauntlet users only have 4 maximum HP, but deal 2 damage per hit instead of 1.

Arquivo:BGS Icon Mordex.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Dog Days Mordex.png
Dog Days Mordex
Arquivo:BGS Icon Mad Dog Mordex.png
Mad Dog Mordex
Coins 100 Watch 5 ads Coins 1000
Arquivo:BGS Icon Val.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Chimera Val.png
Chimera Val
Coins 100 Daily Reward (day 3)
Arquivo:BGS Icon Rayman.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Raymesis.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Raydvar.png
Coins 100 Watch 3 ads Coins 1000


Scythe users only have 3 maximum HP, but heal 1 point of health on successful hits.

Arquivo:BGS Icon Nix.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Grim Reaper Nix.png
Grim Reaper Nix
Arquivo:BGS Icon Lockdown Nix.png
Lockdown Nix
Coins 100 Watch 5 ads Coins 1000
Arquivo:BGS Icon Mirage.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Heart of Hathor Mirage.png
Heart of Hathor Mirage
Arquivo:BGS Icon Anubis Mirage.png
Anubis Mirage
Coins 100 Coins 350 Daily Reward (day 7)
Arquivo:BGS Icon Fait.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Feline Fait.png
Feline Fait
Arquivo:BGS Icon Dark Arts Fait.png
Dark Arts Fait
Coins 100 Coins 350 Watch 5 ads


Hammer users have a larger area of effect when slamming a wall, hitting opponents above and below them.

Arquivo:BGS Icon Bodvar.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Big Rig Bodvar.png
Big Rig Bodvar
Arquivo:BGS Icon Draugr Bodvar.png
Draugr Bodvar
Coins 100 Daily Reward (day 2) Coins 1000
Arquivo:BGS Icon Cassidy.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Cupcake Cassidy.png
Cupcake Cassidy
Coins 100 Watch 3 ads
Arquivo:BGS Icon Teros.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Ready to Riot Teros.png
Ready to Riot Teros
Arquivo:BGS Icon God King Teros.png
God King Teros
Coins 100 Watch 2 ads Coins 1000


Spear users can hit opponents from further away while airborne.

Arquivo:BGS Icon Hattori.png
Arquivo:BGS Icon Kill Thrill Hattori.png
Kill Thrill Hattori
Arquivo:BGS Icon Kitsune Hattori.png
Kitsune Hattori
Coins 100 Coins 350 Watch 5 ads
Wu Shang
Arquivo:BGS Icon Wu Shang.png
Wu Shang
Arquivo:BGS Icon Djinn Wu Shang.png
Djinn Wu Shang
Arquivo:BGS Icon Wu Shang Kong.png
Wu Shang Kong
Coins 100 Coins 350 Watch 5 ads
Queen Nai
Arquivo:BGS Icon Queen Nai.png
Queen Nai
Arquivo:BGS Icon Empress Nai.png
Empress Nai
Coins 100 Watch 3 ads

Removed Characters[]

For some reason, one character from each weapon class other than Scythe have been removed. These have been removed since at least May 23rd, 2022.

Axe Gauntlets Hammer Spear
Arquivo:BGS Icon Demon Ogre Xull.png
Demon Ogre Xull
Arquivo:BGS Icon Commando Val.png
Commando Val
Arquivo:BGS Icon Calavera Cassidy.png
Calavera Cassidy
Arquivo:BGS Icon Snake Goddess Nai.png
Snake Goddess Nai
Coins 1000 Coins 1000 Coins 350 Coins 350

Daily Rewards[]

Arquivo:BGS Daily Reward.png

The Daily Reward screen.

Logging in once a day will grant the player rewards, usually in the form of Coins coins but sometimes as a new character. This can be done up to seven days. Coins Coin rewards can be double by watching an advertisement.


  • Some of the character's names are slightly different from their Legend and Skin counterparts in Brawlhalla; for example, Bodvar is spelt without an "ö".
  • The characters use unique poses and animations not seen in Brawlhalla, making some of them appear slightly different.
  • Almost all the announcer voice lines are not present in Brawlhalla.
  • Rayman was removed from the game on September 29, 2021, but was seemingly re-added on December 22, 2021.