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Avatars are images or animations to act as a profile picture in the game Brawlhalla. Some Avatars are awarded to and others have to be bought in Mallhalla.

Any avatar you have active will appear on the flag of the Avatar Flag Emote and on the cape of the Avatar Cape Emote.

Types of Avatars[]

There are several different ways Avatars can be obtained Brawlhalla:

Store Avatars[]

The Store is the most common place to obtain Avatars. Many different kinds of Avatars can be purchased from here, including flag avatars, crossover avatars and general Brawlhalla-related designs. During Seasonal Events, limited time Avatars can be purchased for the duration of the event.

Most Avatars from the Store cost Coin Mammoth 30, with animated Avatars costing Coin Mammoth 60 and some Avatars from seasonal events costing Coin Gold 6,000.

For a full list of Store-bought Avatars, see List of Store Avatars.

Battle Pass Avatars[]

Battle Passes offer many Avatars to both Free Pass and Gold Pass users. Players can earn Avatars as a reward for reaching certain tiers in a Battle Pass, and earn a completionist Avatar for reaching the final tier and completing all weekly missions.

For a full list of Battle Pass Avatars, see List of Battle Pass Avatars.

Ranked Avatars[]

Ranked Avatars are given at the end of each ranked season to those who have played at least 10 Ranked matches in that season.

The ranked avatar(s) a player receives is based of their highest Elo of the season (between Ranked 1v1 and Ranked 2v2). For example, a player who finishes a ranked season in Platinum will receive a Participation avatar, a Gold avatar, and a Platinum avatar. If a player were to reach Platinum but drop down to Gold in the same season, they would still receive the Platinum avatar.

Ranked avatars also have tiers; for every season a player participates in their avatar will upgrade into a higher tier avatar based on their highest Elo of the season. An example of this: if a player plays for two seasons and reaches Platinum rank in the first season but Gold rank in the second season, they will have a Tier 2 Participation avatar, a Tier 2 Gold avatar, and a Tier 1 Platinum avatar.

Each ranked avatar caps out after 5 tiers, and upon completion of another season after these 5 tiers a separate avatar is awarded to the player. To further explain this, if a player participates in 11 ranked seasons they should have (at the very least) 3 different participation avatars: one for tier 5, one for tier 10, and one for tier 11.

For a full list of Ranked Avatars, see List of Ranked Avatars.

Tournament Avatars[]

Tournament Avatars are given to participants of certain Esports tournaments. Participants will typically receive a code for their Avatar in person, or if online through email after the tournament. In the past, some tournament Avatars have also been distributed through Viewership Rewards or limited giveaway.

For a full list of Tournament Avatars, see List of Tournament Avatars.

DLC and Distributed Avatars[]

Some Avatars can obtained through DLC, Viewership Rewards and other special distributions. These Avatars typically do not return after their distribution period is over.

For a full list of these Avatars, see List of DLC and Distributed Avatars.

Organization Avatars[]

A number of organizations have Avatars that represent their brand logo. These are typically Esports organizations, with the Avatars granted to professional Brawlhalla players who have signed with the organization.

With the exception of the Brawl League avatar, these Avatars can not be normally acquired as they are only given to members or players signed with the organization. Most organization Avatars are owned by very few players, with some being one-of-a-kind.

For a full list of Organization Avatars, see List of Organization Avatars.