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The Celestial

Here to investigate Odin's army on the orders of a rival god. - Mallhalla purchase description

Zariel is an angelic-themed Legend in Brawlhalla featuring the Gauntlets and Bow as their weapons. They can be unlocked for 5400 Gold.

As the story goes...[]

"A Seraphim warrior in the Host of Paladium is a pure, perfect weapon of holy justice. Zariel will not be tamed by Odin's rabble." – Tauriel, Gatekeeper of Elysium

Zariel is on a mission from God, specifically the god of Paladium, the warrior deity of Holy Justice who abides in blessed Elysium. In Elysium too, Zariel resided, a saintly warrior in Paladium's perfect celestial army that stands to fight the demon hordes that will one day be released from Gehenna.

Ages ago, Elysium was visited by the leader of another pantheon - Odin the All-Father. The Viking God was impressed by the Paladium's mighty host - and jealous. Returning to Asgard, Odin sent out his valkyries to raise his own army for the end-times. Naturally, Paladium scoffed - no boring viking horde could ever match his most excellent and holy host.

But recently, Paladium has heard rumors that the valkyries' rivalry to bring back the best warriors borne fruit. And he's heard whispers that through the chaos and nonsense of the Grand Tournament of Valhalla, Odin's ragtag army of the afterlife has formed itself into a formidable force. Paladium has sent Zariel to investigate.

In Valhalla, Zariel entered the tournament to take the measure of this motley crew. However, the battles of the Grand Tournament hold an allure for any warrior, and Zariel's emotionless participation is starting to give way to fun.

"Mortal or angel, male or female - I am above such primitive distinctions. However, this quiz will tell me what kind of bread I am. Rye, I'm hoping." – Zariel, hanging out with Ada and learning about 'the internet



Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Zariel vaults into the air in a high arc, performing a twirling grab using the rear gauntlet. Targets seized by the grabbing motion are brought slamming down into ground level, impacting against a runic energy disc formed as a landing zone whether the ground is actually there or not, and sending the target flying forward afterward.


Zariel unfurls wings and hurls a runic energy disc forward, striking anything in a short, but wide range ahead and carrying Zariel forward a very short distance. Targets struck by the disc are locked in an energy cage and stunned, after which Zariel follows by winding into the air and delivering a fast, diving punch with the rear gauntlet.
Zariel folds their wings around them to charge, then fans them out on either side. Those struck by the unfurling wings are lifted over Zariel's head and struck with an expelled followup plume of vertical energy that sends them flying straight upwards.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Zariel unfurls wings and fires a golden arrow that transmutes into a runic energy disc as it flies in a straight, upwards diagonal. Targets struck by the wide disc are locked in an energy cage, and subject to a followup shot of three arrows fired from a high flying position, sending the target back and down towards the ground.


Unfurling wings and readying into a lunging position, Zariel executes a fast forward dive, moving forward a significant distance, arcing slightly up in the landing phase. Targets struck by this forward dive are stunned and Zariel follows with a quick circle-around and a shot of three arrows, sending the target back and into the ground.
Zariel lifts into the air, hovering on flapping wings, with bow trained directly downwards, to charge. Unleashing the attack lets loose a single shot of three arrows, which strikes anything on and around where Zariel was standing and extends downwards if there is no ground underneath.

Color Variations[]



  • Zariel's default weapons are the Dawn Bringers (Gauntlets) and Wings of Justice (Bow).
  • Zariel's bot name is Zero-L.
  • Zariel is one of the growing numbers of "interlopers" on Valhalla's roster, non-mortals who traveled to Valhalla as opposed to the majority of Legends who died and were brought to Valhalla by valkyries.
  • Zariel is the only Legend here representing another cosmology - that of Paladium of Elysium. The only exception to this is Artemis, who could be argued to be a representative of universal will.
  • In mythology, Elysium is a Greek afterlife, which makes Zariel's name and angelic theming somewhat odd. It is more likely that the Elysium here is based on the Elysium from Dungeons and Dragons, as that tends to skew more towards angelic afterlife themes.
  • Zariel does not associate with any gender, and all lore and in-game text avoids the use of gendered pronouns, making Zariel the closest Brawlhalla has to a non-binary Legend.