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The Iron Commander

Orc mercenary and challenger of authority. - Mallhalla purchase description

Xull is an orcish Legend in Brawlhalla featuring the Axe and Cannon as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 5400 gold.

As the story goes...[]

"Orcs can live up to three hundred years. Due to lifestyle choices, few survive past eight." - Ogedai the Chronicler

Xull seized command of the Iron Legion form the Troll Titan with a brutal down stroke. His first order was to create a cannon brigade. His second order was that cowardly long-range combat would not be tolerated.

As warlord of the mercenary army, he was savage, vengeful, and extremely effective. In battle, he rode on t-rex and swung a deadly steel trap made from his predecessor. His innovative use of the tactic "minotaur release" is still studied today.

Under Xull the Iron Legion grew rich and powerful. Recruiting was simple - he placed a generous bounty in his own head. Anyone fearless enough to attempt to claim it, and tough enough to survive the resulting beatdown, would be offered their own lives as the Legion's signing bonus.

His physical strength was legendary, and he would fight any challenger for any stakes. He only ever lost one, and he honored that wager, switching sides in the Undead Wars, despite being certain she must have somehow cheated.

In Valhalla, Xull knows he should always lead. He challenged Kor for leadership of the Golem Underground. He challenged Thor for leadership of Thursday. He challenged Scarlet for leadership of the Valhallan Ladies Book Club. At Ragnarok, he will lead a great army, and it makes little difference to him what side that army is on.

"Lift cannons! Charge!" – Xull to the Iron Legion’s Artillery Corp, Battle of Orc Pass


Xull is a green-skinned rough-looking orc. His gloves are studded with spikes that complement the skull that's attached to his pelt. His face is one only a mother could love, with an underbite so big it's no wonder no one wants to challenge him. However, his beard gets a 8/10 for best beards in Brawlhalla.



Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Xull throws his steel trap on a chain diagonally forward a sizable distance away. If the attack is charged, the trap falls on the ground, open and armed. Any single target who walks into the trap is pulled back and shot with a point-blank shot from the cannon – diagonally if caught in the air, or forward if the trap is on the ground.


Xull rushes forward, cannon held point-forward at chest-height, a variable distance: targets struck by the charge are subject to a point-blank shot from the cannon, sending them away horizontally.
Xull slams his cannon point-first into the ground, which starts to bubble and scorch as the attack charges. When unleashed, up to three long plumes of fire burst from the scorched parts of earth, depending on how long the attack is charged.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Xull performs a high, vaulting leap into the air, axe raised behind his head, and delivers a burning forward swipe with the axe. Can be held to delay the attack and increase strength slightly as Xull hovers in the air.


Xull rushes forward a variable distance, axe brandished in both hands and attempts to grab the first opponent he runs into. If he's successful, he turns and slams them into the ground behind him and delivers a short upwards swipe with the axe, sending them flying horizontally and slightly upwards.
Xull readies his steel trap behind him as he charges, then throws it directly forward. Any opponent caught by the jaws is pulled towards him and swatted away with the axe.


Due to Xull's extreme attack stat, the player's instinct may be to be very aggressive - however, this would be a mistake. Many of his signature attacks are sluggish, and hugely telegraphed, requiring "trapping" the opponent into getting struck by them with clever positioning - and in addition to this, many of his signatures do NOT hit stacked opponents. This means the most powerful attacks in his arsenal are guaranteed to leave him vulnerable if there's more than one opponent on the field. Discretion - and light attacks - should be used in group melees. Despite his brutish strength and demeanor, he is a Legend best suited for duelling - that is, one on one combat - as opposed to mass forays such as Free-For-All.

A great strategy with Xull is not to attack constantly but to always punish your opponent for trying to get the upper hand. Every situation is different but Xull can hit hard, and bite back even harder. His strength guarantees that while he has his challenges with ensuring a hit will land, those that do land will not soon be forgotten.

Color Variations[]



  • Xull's default weapons are The Berserker (Axe) and the War Tusk (Cannon).
  • Xull's current bot name is Xultron.
    • The bot's name was javascript:void(xull) in Patch 3.6 and Patch 3.7.
    • Before that it was X.U.L.L.
  • Xull is the first legend added to be able to reach 10 in one of the four stats, making him currently the highest strength legend.
  • Xull's Iron Legion is the Iron Legion named in many of the Legend skins available for purchase.
  • One of several Legends to have canonically fought multiple other Legends outside of the Tournament.