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¿mi pene en tu boca[]

Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral A leaping spin-jump with both palms extended, turning Wu Shang into a whirl of energy in the air. Carries Wu Shang forward a good distance and launches targets horizontally away.


Wu Shang steps into a low forward palm-strike with the rear gauntlet, followed by stepping again into a high uppercut palm strike with the forward gauntlet. Hitting with any part of this attack knocks the target up and back into the air and results in an immediate followup in the form of Wu flash-stepping at the flying target a fixed distance and delivering a heavy third strike with the rear gauntlet at a downwards diagonal.
Wu Shang sweeps a yin-yang shaped circle around him, gathering energy inwards to his core, then expels it with dual horizontal palm-strikes to either side of him. Targets struck by the initial sweep are gathered inwards towards the forward half of Wu Shang's center - if the attack is not charged, the dual palm strike automatically hits gathered targets, knocking them forwards. Wu Shang does not otherwise move during this attack.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Wu Shang performs a leaping side-flip forward, whirling his spear under his head as he does so. Carries Wu Shang forward a good distance. Striking with this attack results in an immediate followup swipe with the spear, knocking the target away horizontally and slightly up.


Wu Shang raises his spear behind him, then half-turns, grinding the spear's butt forward against the ground and striking it like a flint, throwing sparks forward. This carries Wu Shang forward very slightly. If the spear or sparks strike an opponent, Wu Shang follows by half-turning back into position, stabbing the spear viciously forward as he does so. This also carries Wu Shang forward very slightly.
Wu Shang hops onto the shaft of his spear, balancing himself on the tip of the weapon before turning and bringing the spear around for a short, downwards swipe with the spear at where he was standing a moment ago.


Wu Shang's statistics are all balanced, except for his dexterity. His sigs are very reliable and fast,which makes any legend slow enough to get hit by a living spearing fidget spinner. Wu Shang's Spear is best used passively like most medium ranged weapons, it is fairly powerful when it comes to force and his spear sigs are easy to combo with, making a rack damage farm. Gauntlets are much more played aggressively, and they deal more damage than his spear, but they are much more brutal to force, his gaunt sigs are much easier to crowd control because of how simple to use it.

Color Variations[]



  • Wu Shang's default weapons are The Iron Shackles (Gauntlets) and the Qiang (Spear).
  • Wu Shang's bot name is Wu Shandroid.
  • Wu Shang is the first Legend to have a proper name that is two words, not including an honorific or descriptor (ie Queen Nai). This fits, as the majority of Chinese proper names are two words.
  • Wu Shang's character and lore are heavily inspired by numerous Chinese folk and historical tales of Taoists, generals, and mythical figures.
  • Qiang is the Mandarin Chinese term for "spear", and in particular is associated with the style of spear that Wu Shang wields.