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"Thor Odinson. God of Thunder. Collector of Bödvar memorabilia. Hammer main."
—Mallhalla purchase description

Thor is the 45th and a defensive legend of the game. He was added on March 14, 2019. His weapons are the Hammer and Orb.

As the story goes...[]

"-Was Thor supposed to be in this free-for-all?
-No, Bob, he just climbed out of the stands and joined in.
—Valhallan announcers, a typical Thursday.

Thor has crushed the skulls of giants. Thunder is the roar of his chariot wheels across the sky. He is destined to slay the vast serpent that encircles the world. But if you ask him about his favorite fights, he will most likely give you a match-by-match account of his 2v2 Championship season with Jhala.

The God of Lightning and (as he is quick to remind you) Fertility is also the Grand Tournament’s biggest fan. It was Thor who wore the first giant foam Bödvar crown, Thor who coined the term “Brawlhalla”, and Thor who created “bleacher-jumping” – the Asgardian tradition of reckless spectators joining free-for-alls mid-match. In fact Thor jumped into the fight from the stands so often, he has been accepted as a Legend. Ulgrim even made him a special long handle for his hammer Mjölnir.

Thor remains a huge fan of all the top legends, especially Bödvar. After enough ale, Thor and Kor will reenact their epic battles in the Elven Wars.

"Well at first I’d just stick to my signature move, ‘Hard Hammer Swing with Lightning’, and rely on being a god to get the K.O. That does not work at higher levels."
—Thor’s post-game interview, after getting bodied by Scarlet.


Thor has a spiky red hair and moustache and beard. he wears a brown, fingerless gauntlet on his hand and brown boats. He has a scratch on his right eye.



Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Thor raises Mjönir into the air, the weapon crackling with a circular aura of with lightning. Anything touching the aura is stunned and struck by a small bolt of lightning, sending them away from the hammer's center.


Raising onto a small thundercloud, Thor drifts forward a variable distance before rushing bodily forward, bathed in electrical energy. Opponents struck in this charge are struck by a single followup swing with the hammer, knocking them horizontally away.
Thor leaps up and hovers the air to charge, then hurls Mjölnir, spinning rapidly, straight ahead. The hammer travels a modest distance before boomeranging back into Thor's hand.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Drawing the orb back in one hand, Thor then throws it up and forward, transmuting bodily into a long bolt of lightning that travels in a long upwards diagonal, before rematerializing into Thor's body high in the air.


Pulling the orb into his other hand, Thor trails a rope-like chain from it, turning it into a chain-mace-like weapon which he twirls behind him before whipping it down in two high-arcing, vertical smashing blows in short succession stepping forward twice as he does so. The orb shatters after the second blow and rematerializes in his hand.
Thor leaps straight up in the air, then throws himself as a bolt of lighting at the ground some distance in front, reappearing knelt down, with one hand on the orb to charge. He then stands up, unleashing a small burst of energy immediately around his person. Targets struck by the initial bolt are brought to where he rematerializes, and those struck by the ending burst are hurled away from Thor's center of mass.

Color Variations[]



  • Thor's default weapons are the Mjölnir (Hammer) and the Eye of the Storm (Orb).
  • Thor's bot name is Terminathor.
  • Thor is the first God on the Brawlhalla roster.
  • Thor has met several Legends in battle outside of the Tournament, including Kor, Xull and Dusk.
  • Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, traditionally has a uniquely short handle, which is why Ulgrim had it lengthened for his participation in the tournament. It is unknown if the hammer's mythological makers, Brokkr and Sindri, exist in Brawlhalla, and if they do, how they feel about another dwarf modifying their work.
  • Traditionally, Thor's significant items were his hammer Mjölnir, his gloves Járngreipr, and his belt Megingjörð. Unfortunately, Kor already exists as a Hammer/Gauntlets Legend, which is likely why Thor was given the orb instead.
  • Thor is not the only spectator to bleacher-jump tournament fights - merely the first.
  • The Marvel character of the same name has no bearing on this Thor.
  • Thor is the second Legend that wasn't originally created by Brawlhalla (the first being Rayman).