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The sword is one of the weapons available in Brawlhalla. It is a versatile and balanced, medium-range weapon.

The following Legends use the Sword:

Weapon attacks[]

For Legend Signatures, see the individual Legend pages above

Light ground attacks

Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral A series of two sweeping slashes in place. Hitting with any one results in a third slash, also in place.
← / → A lunging pair of continual, forward circular slashes that carries the Legend forward a rather long distance. Has little force, but a wide, continual arc.
A single, low cut in front at ankle/shin height. Hitting carries the target into the air and is immediately followed by another, inescapable upwards cut.

Light air attacks

Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes


A singular, arcing upwards slash. Has a slight delay, and carries targets upwards.
← / → Two fast sideways slashes in front. Carries moderate force. Hitting with the first slash will typically result in hitting with the second as well.
A single wide, sweeping slash underneath.

Heavy air attacks

Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes



← / →

A upwards, twirling leap that carries the Legend upwards. Hits all around the Legend, but has a very short range. Only has force at the very end of the move.
A fast, downwards diving strike with the sword, point-first. Continues until it hits ground or a target.


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
Name Inputs What it's useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
DLight, Jump, SAir Good for setting up a ledge guard 25
DLight, Jump, DAir Good for spiking or setting up another attack 26 Can be followed up with NAir; Recovery; or SAir if they bounce off the floor
DLight, Jump, Ground Pound 30 Easiest at low health
DLight, Recovery ~31 Damage varies based on enemy health. Works best at low health.
DLight, Jump, Recovery ~31 Damage varies based on enemy health. Gets more hits than the previous one if you jump when the opponent is highly damaged.
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, NLight 32
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, SLight Setting up a ledge guard ~28
DLight, Jump, Gravity Cancel, DLight, Jump, SAir 33 Very hard to pull off

General strategies[]

For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • A comparitively short-ranged weapon, the sword is generally used to deliver numerous fast strikes in rapid succession to build up an opponent's damage, to be followed by a decisive, single strike with a Legend's Signature. While individually weak, the sword's light attacks come quickly and rapidly, and the right chain of light attacks can results in your opponent taking five or six hits with no chance of retaliation, and often even more than that.
  • The sword is not a weapon of extremes - it's reach, speed and strength are for the most part individually bested by other weapons in the game. But it excels in opening up opportunities for further attacks once that first hit lands - so approach and strike boldly!
  • The Aerial Down Light is a reliable attack to throw your opponent downwards - useful to score a knockout on an opponent attempting to recover. The Aerial Down Heavy diving stab also moves very quickly, similarly useful, and also useful for recovering your feet onto the stage if you are being juggled.
  • A reliably easy combo of hits consists of a Ground Down Light - which lifts your opponent off the ground - to an Aerial Side Light, which has a wide horizontal hitbox and can be executed quickly. This results in four hits in rapid succession when executed correctly, with little chance for the opponent to escape.


The following item skins for the Sword are available from the Mallhalla[]

Dark Elf Flamberge Steam-Charged Saber Gilded Lily Darkheart Blade Tactical Blade Moonbeam
A cruely cool blade that strikes fear into every heart. That whistling doesn't mean it's tea time. It means your foes are doomed! From the richest of bloodlines. Contact Lucien for fast purchase. With the Darkheart I stab at thee. Tactics include: Bringing a knife
to a gunfight.
Forged in the light of a thousand moons.
Costs 40 Mammoth coins Costs 60 Mammoth coins


Costs 60 Mammoth coins Costs 60 Mammoth coins Costs 60 Mammoth coins Costs 60 Mammoth coins

Special Skins[]

Asgardian Elite Sword Skyforged Sword Goldforged Sword Sword of the Raven
- Nothing says the arena belongs to you more than carrying a forged shard of it. For a fighter worth their weight in gold. -
Available only from the Collector's Editionpack. Price: 5000 Glory Price: 7500 Glory

(You need to own the Skyforged Sword)

Obtained by visiting woobox and following @Brawlhalla on Twitter

(No longer available)