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One of the weapons in Brawlhalla, the blasters are a mid-range weapon with powerful zoning abilities and good combo potential.

The following Legends use the Blasters:

Weapon Attacks[]

For Legend Signatures, see the individual Legend pages above

Grounded Attacks[]

Light ground attacks

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames
Neutral Two steady shots directly in front, one from each blaster, on the same spot. Hitting with either guarantees a third shot from both blasters as a followup. Little force. 15 or 19 50 or 72 15 5 0 30, 25 or 52 7 6(16)6 5
← / → A reaching single shot with the forward blaster onto a spot far in front. Little force. 18 21 15 4 5 40 10 6 18
A sequence of three blasts against the ground in front, starting close, with each subsequent shot slightly farther forward. 10, 16 or 22 28, 41 or 52 24 12 0 or 9 45 or 35 9 5(6)5(8)4 13 The only Blaster move that can hit anything very close to you.

Air Attacks[]

Light air attacks

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames


A very quick one-two blast upwards, roughly covering a short arc above the Legend's head. 15 or 18 21 or 26 15 or 20 10 or 5 20 45 7 6(4)6 10 Can be easily chained into itself when timed correctly.
← / → A quick, reaching pair of blasts from the forward blaster, covering a narrow half-arc in front. 16 28 20 7 37 49 10 10 24
A quick and steady pair of blasts directly underneath the legend from both blasters. Hitting with these blasts results in a flurry or small blasts as a followup. Up to 17 Up to 49 17 6 0, 0, 0, 0, 38 38, 29, 25, 10, 40 12 10 20

Heavy air attacks

Input Description Damage Stun Frame Advantage Force Animation Frame Data (min) Notes
Stun (total) Stun (after hit) Variable Fixed Startup Frames Active Frames Recovery Frames



← / →

A spinning, backwards twirling, kicking somersault complete with twirling of guns ending with a single shot directly upwards. Carries the Legend a significant distance up into the air. Up to 25 Up to 72 17 4 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 or 51 85, 56, 80, 60, 48, 43, 41, 39 or 52 8 7(7)18(13)9 12 Unstoppable once initiated. You can still move horizontally while doing this move to aim it correctly. Can drop target if not correctly aligned.
Twirling guns, the Legend goes into a dive directly downwards with both blasters extended out. Hit targets take a blast from both blasters at short range. 25 21 13 -6 0 or 50 56 or 60 18 11(can be held until ground or player is hit)(3)5 18


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.

Indicated damage values are valid if the legend attack stat is equal to the other's defense.

Name Inputs Useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
DAir, Gravity Cancel, NLight Damage 45 The enemy needs to be on the ground and have low or medium damage.
DAir, SAir Knock 33 The enemy needs to be on the ground.
DLight, SLight Damage 40.74 The enemy needs to have low damage.
DLight, Jump, SAir Knock 40 Enemy needs to have a medium amount of damage.
DLight, SLight, Jump, SAir, Recovery Damage 81 Only works at very low damages.
DLight, SLight, Jump, DAir Damage 57 Only works at very low damages.


For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • An excellent spacing and defensive weapon, blasters combine long lasting attacks with a moderately long range to grant it's user excellent "zoning" control, where the user is able to easily interrupt incoming attacks or disrupt defensive attacks on the approach from certain angles. Stopping your opponents in their tracks again and again is the name of the game, and more than most weapons, every successful hit with a blaster feels like a tangible step to victory, keeping your opponent at bay and laying on damage.
  • The blasters' Ground Side Light has a deceptively long range. Use it to tap an opponent who might feel like they are just out of reach, stunning them and setting them up for further hits.
  • Unlike most of the blasters' other attacks, the blasters' Ground Down Light will hit an opponent that's right on top of you - and even slightly behind you. Use it if an opponent has gotten too close.
  • The blasters' Ground Neutral Light comes out faster than any of your other attacks - if they're in range, use it to beat your opponents to the punch.
  • The blasters' Aerial Up Light can be used in succession to juggle an opponent upwards in tandem with a series of jumps, to be finished off with the Aerial Up Heavy, which will execute very high up in the air, and increase the chances of a knockout.



Ebon Blasters Mother of Pearl Blasters Cannonades Darkheart Blasters Shadow Casters Double Dragons
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Black on yellow, blast a fellow. Yellow on black, they won't come back. Blast away with beauty and elegance using this true work of art. Sometimes bigger is better. They utter the Old Names, which mortal minds hear only as "pew, pew, pew." Arguably dishonorable. Proven effective. These twins take on all comers.
Costs 40

Mammoth coins

Each costs 60 Mammoth coins

Special Skins[]

Skyforged Blasters Asgardian Elite Blasters Goldforged Blasters
[7] [8] [9]
The path to the top is thick with foes. Let these light your way. - The view from the top never looked so good.
Costs 5000 Glory Available only from
the Collector's Pack
Costs 7500 Glory

(You need to have the Skyforged Blasters)


  • The description for the Ebon Blasters is a reference to a mnemonic sentence used to help distinguish the incredibly deadly coral snake from it's non-venomous and far less dangerous relative, the milk snake, which looks very similar. The phrase goes "Red touches yellow, you're a dead fellow - red touches black, you're OK Jack." The quote is referenced again in the description for Snake Goddess Nai.
  • The name and description for the Double Dragons is a reference to the Double Dragon video game, where you play as a pair of kung-fu fighting twins.


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