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Scythe is one of the weapons in Brawlhalla. This farmer's reaping tool is a fast, modular string based weapon that is good for grabs, throws and disorientation.

The following Legends use the Scythe:

Weapon Attacks[]

For Legend Signatures, see the individual Legend pages above

Important: Active Input mechanic Scythe is the only weapon in Brawlhalla that features “Active Input” on a number of its attacks (as marked below). By inputting a new direction before the second hit of these attacks, you can change the final attack’s damage, force, direction of force, and follow up potential. (Note: you can input the second directional input immediately after the first.)

In a nutshell: the attacks with “Active Input” can change depending on what direction you’re holding before the second part of the Light Attack begins. This requires more training and faster reaction, but gives you more choice to throw the enemy around.

For convenience, the directions for Active Input will be marked as “Hold Forward/Back” in relation to Legend’s facing at the moment of the move. If you release any directional buttons or input the direction that is not marked in the list, the “Neutral” condition is executed by default.

Grounded Attacks[]

Light ground attacks

Input Description Notes
Neutral An upward swing that propels the opponent into the air for a short time. Hits wide enough to easily connect up close, but gives him a lot of time to dodge after the hit. Must be used in combos to prevent the opponent from dodging out.
← / → A swing to the side, with a follow-up hit if the first attack connects.

Active Input: Neutral – The follow-up becomes a kick that briefly stuns your opponent and drops him next to you for more attacks, with almost no chance to dodge out of the combo. Chains naturally into Neutral Light.
Active Input: Hold Forward – You hit the enemy with the scythe for a second time, dealing more damage and sending the opponent flying forward with greater force.

A good move to use in a combo (Neutral Active Input) or finish it (Forward Active Input).
A far-reaching downward stab with a scythe. Once the opponent is “reaped” and stunned, the second hit ensues after a brief delay.

Active Input: Neutral – The opponent is grabbed with the scythe, pulled towards you and sent flying up and backward a short distance.
Active Input: Hold Forward – The opponent is kicked, sending him flying forward horizontally and low to the ground.

This move is very versatile, as it can begin or continue powerful combos easily. However, it only hits in a small spot very far away from your starting position.

Air Attacks[]

Light air attacks

Input Description Notes


A diagonal swing with the scythe. If the opponent is struck, he is pulled towards you for the second hit.

Active Input: Neutral – The opponent is kicked forward, up and diagonally, with a lot of force.
Active Input: Hold Back – The opponent is kicked behind you, low and horizontally, with less force.

Has a very short splash radius.
← / → A quick uppercut attack with the scythe that pushes the opponent away with medium force. Has a flat trajectory and arrests downwards motion, allowing it to serve as a "secondary recovery" move. Use this to recover horizontally without burning your jumps or recovery attack.
A grab that throws the opponent away with tremendous force. It's also good for combos that begin in the air.

Active Input: Neutral – The enemy is thrown forward.
Active Input: Hold Back – The enemy is thrown backward.

Can be strung into grounded NLight. Otherwise, it is cannon's safest covering attack for getting back to the ground.

Heavy air attacks

Input Description Notes



← / →

A diagonal “helicopter spin” that moves you up and forward. Any enemy that is caught into the attack is sliced, and then dunked forward and down. Great for recovering from a ledge or when the enemy is close to it. The hitbox is large enough to cover most of the Legend.
You drop directly down like during a Sword Ground Pound. When the drop connects or you release the attack button, you slice the target with a wide sweep. The sliced enemy is sent flying slightly fowards. This attack requires immense precision to trigger automatically. Remember that you can release the attack button earlier for a wide sweep similar to Sword DAir that is more likely to hit the target.


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
Inputs Damage Other notes Example video(s)
SLight (N) Nlight
NLight (J) NAir (N)
NLight (J) Rec
(J) NAir (N) (J) SAir
SAir NAir (N/B) -String- the SAIr must hit the enemy using the side
SAir NAir (N/B) -Combo- the SAir must hit the enemy using the tip
DAir (N/B) SLight(N/B)
NAir (B) Slight -Combo-
DLight (N) (J) ChD ( Diagonally) Rec
SLight (F) DLight (N/F)
NLight NSig for all characters
SLight (N) NLight NSig for all characters
DLight (N) NSig
GP NLight NAir (N/B) video
DAir(B/N)/NAir(B) SLight (N) NLight (J) NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir advanced
NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N/B) advanced
SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) advanced


For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • An unusual and exotic choice of weapon for a combat-focused game, the scythe's fighting style matches it's unorthodox presentation. A combination of modularity, extremely long-range and extremely short-range attacks, unusual hitboxing, and a heavy reliance on combo chains and signatures for kills (akin to the Bow) make this weapon a completely unique play experience. Functioning more like a hook than a scythe, the weapon's individual hits tend to be weak, and are most useful when used to disorient, grab and throw your opponent around. In-depth knowledge of the weapons stringing possibilities and it's unique input modularity will allow you to control the flow and direction of battle. The scythe's overall strangeness is an advantage as well, as no weapon is better at scoring unexpected hits from surprising angles than the scythe.
  • Use the speed of most scythe legends to make sure that you are unpredictable and as previously mentioned, attacking from unexpected angles. Most players have not yet adapted to the scythe and its unusual mechanics and hitboxes, use this to your advantage. When playing make sure to throw out threatening DAir's and if the opponents is above you make sure to throw out NAir's for spacing. Always wait for the ideal moment to strike with SLight due to the easy punish. Also if both you and your opponent are on ground level and waiting for each other to make a move, make sure to every now and then throw out DLight's to bait your enemy or for a combo-starter.
  • While being edge-guarded, make sure to use NAir to space out your opponent, however be careful not to get carried away and lose your recovery options due to the unique positioning scythe NAir requires. If you manage to connect NAir with your opponent, in most cases it ideal to input "Back" and throw your opponent backwards to reverse the edge-guard.
  • A good move to do while edge-guarding is DAir. Let us say we DAir our opponent and knock them off the edge in a down(ish)wards trajectory. This will result the enemy trying to move upwards and towards the edge. If you manage to land 2 or 3 DAir's in a row the opponent will most likely run out of recovery options and will ultimately lead to a stock loss.



Darkheart Reaper The Jade Price Seraph's Message
Archivo:WIP.png Archivo:WIP.png Archivo:WIP.png
The harvest has begun. The cost paid in full by your opponents. Hark the herald angel stings!
Each costs 60 Mammoth coins

Special Skins[]

Skyforged Scythe Asgardian Elite Scythe Goldforged Scythe
Archivo:WIP.png Archivo:WIP.png Archivo:WIP.png
Harvest the most competitive of foes. Not even the greatest reapers have a weapon so fine. -
Costs 5000 Glory Available only from
the Collector's Pack
Costs 7500 Glory

(You need to have the Skyforged Cannon)


  • This is the first weapon to feature active input in the game, both in its light moveset and certain Legends' Signature moves.

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