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The Darkheart

"If an interdimensional time shifting prison couldn't hold her, nothing will."
Mallhalla purchase description

Petra is the 46th and a strong legend in the game. She was added on June 26, 2019. Her weapons are Gauntlets and Orb.

She wields the malicious chaos of the Terminus prison dimension, empowered by the forbidden and powerful Darkheart Ore to open a swathe of fury across any who would face her down in the Eternal Tournament.

As the story goes...[]

"Brynn has gone too far this time. She pulled this ‘Petra’ out of Terminus. We should not allow anyone from that interdimensional sinkhole near Valhalla. Especially not a troublemaker like her."
—Heimdall to Odin.

To most, Terminus is a dystopian prison realm where frighteningly violent and dangerous undesirables are banished. To Petra, Terminus is home.

Born in the chaotic nexus dimension that contains Terminus, Petra was as wild and ungovernable as her native world. While a young street urchin, Petra bought and sold anything forbidden – stim packs, mana potions, mayochup. She would fight anyone in any way – at sixteen she took over her street gang by defeating the previous boss in what can only be described as flying laser death chess. By eighteen her gang, the Incarnates, ran the Raptor Pits and the Cyborg Rings. And at nineteen, the Incarnates won a turf war that gave them control of a Darkheart quarry that would change Petra’s life forever.

Before Terminus was a prison, it was a mine – the only source in the multiverse of the cryptic ore called Darkheart. The power and danger of Darkheart was so great the gods folded Terminus into its own dimension and declared it eternally bound just to quarantine the ore. Darkheart became the ultimate cosmic contraband.

Some say Petra was infected by Darkheart, others say she unlocked its power. Whatever the truth, she has brought that mythic ore and the strength it imbues to Valhalla. In Valhalla, Petra is quarrelsome, violent, brooding, unruly, and very well-liked. Her orb sparring matches with Thor draw huge crowds and huge fines for property damage – both of which the two ignore.

"What’s up, NERDS! Who’s ready to get their butts kicked?"
—Petra, entering Valhalla for the first time.



Input Description Damage
Neutral A rapid, curving uppercut with the rear gauntlet that shoots into the air, curving in a J-shape.


Petra charges a pink aura then charges forward a medium distance. Anything struck by this charge is subject to a barrage of punches, then a final blow that sends the target flying up or back depending on the input.
Hunching down, Petra marks a spot some distance ahead then instantly flashes to it, appearing it and striking in the opposite direction with a very short range uppercut. Those struck are knocked towards where Petra was standing, to which Petra follows by flashing back, stopping them with her front gauntlet in an open hand to the face, then unleashing a blast point-blank with this gauntlet, knocking them away.


Input Description Notes Stun Force
Neutral A flurry of small energy projectiles is thrown into the air which explode in a broad arc above and in front of Petra. Striking a target with this barrage results in a wide diagonal followup blast.


Petra gathers energy into the orb with both her hands, focused at her hip, then throws it forward in a flying projectile.
Petra leaps into the air, focusing a massive amount of energy into her orb that grows as she charges it, before finally hurling it at the ground at a sharp vertical angle. This attack splashes outwards if hitting the ground, else it travels further before dissipating. The attack's hitbox and splash both increase the longer it is charged, though its travelling distance downwards does not.


Weapon Input Dodge Frames Damage Notes
gauntlet side light, up sig N/A N/A pretty useful if opponent low



Petra is a highly aggressive, lightning-fast fighter that relies heavily on not ever letting up the attack in order to succeed. Despite the destructive appearance of her signatures however, they all have comparatively little damage and force compared to many other signatures. Her attacks are thus based used for their tactical advantages - range, speed, repositioning capability, and coverage - than for raw damage. An opponent that never gets a hit in - whether its because they are stunned or because Petra struck first, or she has flashed out of the way - is this Legend's main priority. Orb and Gauntlet as weapons compliment these priorities well, so combine Petra's abilities with the full range of the weapon's kits to lay on the heat.

Signature use[]

Signatures: Petra
Gauntlets Neutral Strikes anything that's in the path of the punch, including targets directly in front of Petra when used. Lightning fast, this move functions well as an attack for surprising your opponent, or for following up with aerial gauntlets combos such as slight->recovery due to its very high reach. This high reach also makes it an effective measure against edge-guarding when gravity-canceled, allowing you to attain ledges in relative safety. Archivo:GauntletsPetra.png
Gauntlets Side A fairly reliable "bread and butter" signature, this sig has a shorter attacking distance than most "charge forward" signatures, but is able to hit targets that are initially very close. Active inputting up during the attack allows the signature to launch target up - default is back.
Gauntlets Down Deceptively finicky, Petra's hitbox does exist during the first flash, meaning opportunities to interrupt this attack is more than one would think. The triggering hit itself is also incredibly short range, meaning if you don't know exactly where the opponent will be, your chances of hitting are slim. Actually hitting with this attack is most likely in hard reads or a signature punish. The signature is also useful, however, for quickly changing your position, preventing the opponent from reading you, even if it doesn't hit.
Orb Neutral This signature functions similarly to aerial flak, lasting a long time, allowing for great aerial coverage. In matches with multiple opponents both the barrage and the followup blast will hit other Legends that weren't targeted - however, the signature locks Petra in place for a significant amount of time, meaning nearby opponents may have a fairly ample opportunity to deal damage while she is doing this. This signature is found great to use as well in sports games, such as Kung Foot and Brawlball. Archivo:OrbPetra.png
Orb Side Much like Fait's scythe side signature, this projectile flies farther the longer it is charged, though its minimum distance is still very long. Great for surprising unsuspecting opponents expecting you to close in for orb attacks. Like many of Petra's sigs, its damage and force are comparatively weak, so if your opponent is at low damage, be ready to follow up quickly by closing in.
Orb Down This signature lifts Petra into the air, and is thus subject to Petra's initial momentum when using it - it can be thus used to drift out over ledges to deliver the spirit bomb down onto anyone clinging to the wall underneath. The height to which Petra is lifted into the air is also useful for mixing up your position, though its slow attack speed and short horizontal range make it a generally poor close-range attack option.

Color Variations[]



  • Petra's default weapons are the Knockouts (Gauntlets) and the Stone of Malice (Orb).
  • Petra's bot name is Botra.
  • Petra's home, the Terminus, and the Darkheart Ore that resides there, are the origin of many Legend and Weapon skins that are available for purchase in the Mallhalla.
  • Petra's appearance and signatures are an homage of many kakuto manga characters such as the cast of Dragonball Z, or Akuma from Street Fighter.
  • Like so many other Legends, Petra was brought to Valhalla by Brynn. Like many of Brynn's additions, this has been controversial amongst some of the gods of Valhalla.
  • Petra is the second Legend to have noticeable heterochromia (the other is Ada due to her eye implants). While it may be inborn, the color of one eye matches the inner color of Darkheart, suggesting it may be due to Darkheart influence.