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The Mysterious Stranger

A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in Ivaldic battle armor. Here he is called Orion. - Mallhalla purchase description

As the story goes...[]

"Sir Roland swears Orion is the Gold Knight he never slew. Bödvar insists he is Thor in disguise. Gnash believes he is a magic rock monster. Lucien is moved to incoherent rage at the sight of him. I don't care who he is, I just want to take him apart and see how he works. " -Scarlet

Watching from the doors of Valhalla, Bödvar, Cassidy and the other legends saw a blazing trail of smoke cut across the Asgardian sky. Behind the fiery comet, a Valkyrie raced in pursuit, as though trying to stop the fireball as it plunged into the fields of Folkvangr in gout of dirt and flame. The legends then watched as Valkyries and emissaries of Odin gathered around the smoking crater.

Weeks later, the Sons of Ivaldi, the same dwarven smiths who had forged Odin's spear, quietly appeared in Asgard. They bore a suit of dazzling golden armor and presented it to the gods themselves. Soon after, the mighty Orion joined the feast halls of Valhalla.

Tentative and aloof at first, Orion soon warmed to the great hall and is now among its greatest warriors and most popular champions. Orion does not speak of his past, and other legends can only speculate. But Valkyries stop by his chambers to ask if he wants to, "you know, hang out or whatever, no big deal." He is the only hero seen to leave Asgard from time to time.

"Here, I am called Orion." - Orion


Every inch of Orion is encased in a futuristic armor-suit crafted by the legendary smiths of Asgard. The armor is comprised of a series of rare Asgardian metal plates, colored either a brilliant shining gold or a pale whitish blue. The armor suit is so encompassing that no part of Orion's face or body is visible - very few in Valhalla have seen his real appearance.

His armor helmet is particularly ornate. It bears two small, pointed horns at the forehead, as well as two small air vents to each side. The helmet as a whole is shaped with two curved metal plates, creating the appearance of two wing-like pieces extending either side of the head, with a third extension also coming across the middle of the helmet.

Orion also has two thin, vertically aligned visor slits that have a shallow V-shape. This, alongside his horns, is the closest thing to a face that the armor gives Orion. The harsh cyan blue colored light emitted from the visors, however, portrays how alert and fiery the person behind the visor truly is.

The winged motifs covering armor are marks of Ivaldi craftsmanship. Aside from the two wing-like shapes framing Orion's helmet, the most notable example of this motif is the two small and seemingly delicate wings on his back. However, wings' delicacy gives no suggestion of the incredibly powerful thrusters that the wings really are.

Both Orion's Spear and Rocket Lance weapons are as futuristic and advanced as his armor, as share the gold and pale blue color scheme. His Spear - The Sunforged Spear - has a simple black pole and golden clasp at one end. However, the head of the Spear has a glowing cyan circle embedded between the pole and spearhead, perhaps responsible for the Spear's blasts of energy. This cyan color, which matches the glow from Orion's eyesights, can also be seen spiraling around the large spike of Orion's 'Armored Attack Rocket' Lance. His Lance has a black handle similar to the Spear's, as well as an ornate base that acts both as a thruster and powerful energy cannon.


Rocket Lance[]

Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Orion flips his lance up diagonally and lets out a single wide blast of energy from the lance’s exhaust port.


Orion hovers in the air with his jetpack to charge this move, then propels forward in an arcing, horizontal charge using the jetpack and the lance engine. Carries Orion forward a great distance.
Jumping backward into the air, Orion pelts the ground in front of where he was standing with a barrage of laser fire from the exhaust port of his lance.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Orion jets up a short distance, raising his spear, and hovers in the air for a brief moment before quickly descending back down, stabbing the spear point down into the ground as he does so. Both parts of this move deal damage.


Orion charges his jetpack and uses it to charge forward, hitting the first opponent he encounters with a short swipe of the spear.
Pointing his spear into the air to charge, Orion executes a blindingly fast spin, sweeping the spear in a quick, tight arc around him, striking any opponents near and on either side of him.

Color Variations[]



  • Orion's default weapons are the Armored Attack Rocket (Rocket Lance) and the Sunforged Spear (Spear).
  • Orion's bot name is Orbot.
  • During the game's Alpha stages of development, Orion was called "Völst", which is Icelandic for "rolling". He was one of the first four Legends to be developed for the game, the others being Cassidy, Lord Vraxx, and Bödvar.
  • Orion seems to say little and keeps his interactions with other Legends to a minimum. Val and Brynn both enjoy poking fun at this "mysterious cool guy act" - whether it is an act, or simply how he is as a person remains to be seen.
  • Lord Vraxx deigns to address Orion directly - something that is otherwise reserved only for Legends who are royalty. It is never stated what type of royalty Orion is, and is further part of Orion's enigmatic nature.
  • Mirage's lore implies that Mirage knew Orion by a different name in her life before Valhalla. No more about this connection between them is revealed.
  • Orion is listed as one of Nix's cold-cases - a rogue soul past its expiration who was never collected by a psychopomp for the afterlife.
  • As of Patch 2.66, Orion got a complete makeover in his stock design, being the third Legend in receiving one.
  • During the Alpha, his Side Rocket Lance Signature was called the Blaze of Honor, and his Side Spear Signature was called the Shining Jet Slash.
  • Orion has an unused female variant in the game files.
  • In the game files, Orion is called Valkyrie.