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Orb is one of the weapons in Brawlhalla. A magically imbued, hovering object, its unconventional combat style comes from its magic-wielding user being able to command its motions in the air, allowing for surprising attacks not possible with other weapons.

The following Legends use the Orb:

Weapon Attacks[]

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Grounded Attacks[]

Light ground attacks

Input Description Notes
Neutral The orb rapidly orbits around the user, striking anything immediately nearby. Hits twice, and has a very close range, but a longer-than-expected hitbox.
← / → The orb is flicked forward, spinning at high speed, hitting anything a short distance in front of the attacker. This attack has zero force, dealing only damage and stun. Use the stun to interrupt opponents and to set up further attacks.
An overhead kick-flip sends the orb in an arc overhead from back-to-front. This attack lifts the Legend up into the air and carries them forward a bit, allowing it to evade several types of incoming attacks. It also hits high.

Air Attacks[]

Light air attacks

Input Description Notes


An upwards gesture sends the orb spinning up, to a position over the attacker's head. This attack has a limited, fixed force and serves to only stop attacking opponents and set up juggles and strings.
← / → A fast orbiting swipe out at a horizontal in front. Striking with this results in a followup jabbing thrust with the orb that knocks opponents horizontally away. The most forceful move in the orb's light kit.
Tucking downwards, the Legend sends the orb at a straight diagonal downwards towards the ground. The orb travels a fair distance during this and if it encounters a surface (wall or floor) it will bounce off of it at a right angle and continue travelling the rest of the distance. If used very close to the ground, the Legend will spring up off the ground on one hand in order to start the kick slightly higher up. Fast and long-ranged, a useful disruptive attack.

Heavy air attacks

Input Description Notes



← / →

Twirling the orb around their person, the orb user goes spinning up into the air in an upwards diagonal. Carries the Legend up and forward a fair distance. Hitting sends opponents at a normal angle away. Has short range compared to other weapons' Recovery moves, but effectively turns the Legend's body into a projectile, allowing different tactical options for use than other Recoveries.
A steady dive straight downwards. Upon releasing the attack or reaching the ground or an opponent, the Legend propels the orb straight down a short distance. This attack stops just before reaching the ground - it also has a small impact splash if used against the ground. If used in the air, the attack extends downwards a short distance.


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
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Darkheart Orb
Archivo:200px-Darkheart Orb.png
The darkness consumes all.
Each costs 60 Mammoth coins

Special Skins[]

Skyforged Orb Asgardian Elite Orb Goldforged Orb
A reflection of your glory shines back at you! -
Costs 5000 Glory Available only from
the Collector's Pack
Costs 7500 Glory

(You need to have the Skyforged Orb)


  • Due to the magical implications of this weapon, the Orb actively changes the way a Legend moves - a Orb user hovers over the ground to move when dashing rather than using legs.

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