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The Shark

A vicious predator born of the Sea sets her sights on Valhalla. - Mallhalla purchase description

Mako is an Atlantean shark-humanoid Legend in Brawlhalla, featuring the Katars and Greatsword as her weapons.

As the story goes...[]

"Of all the children of Poseidon and The Sea, the largest is Kraken, the strongest is Maelstrom, but the most feared is Mako" -Aristophanes

Atlantis wasn't always at the bottom of the sea. That was Mako's fault. In the Great War of Atlantis at the end of the age of legend, the gods battled for control of the fabled city. Zeus struck down Poseidon with a lightning bolt. In rage, Poseidon's yougn daughter Mako led an attack on Atlantis so terrible that the sorcerers of the city chose to sink it beneath the waves to escape her wrath, robbing Zeus of his prize. Then for good measure she bit off his foot.

Poseidon fell to earth, his memory gone, doomed to wander the seas as a madman. But Mako became the queen of the now undersea city - much to the rlief of the Atlanteans. Her terrifying presence won many battles on fear alone. The Phoenician navy fled when it saw her teeth. She scared the sea monster Cetus so badly it fled to Scotland and is still hiding. She was less interested in governing than fighting, and invented democracy because she was tired of subjects asking her questions.

In Valhalla, Mako is a ferocious comepetitor and a great 2v2 partner, though be careful if she calls you 'chum' - it's not a term of endearment.

"Your parents were a viking and a bear? That's nothing, try a lunatic and the sea." -Mako to Bödvar after too much rum


Mako is a humanoid shark. Appropriately, her fins and coloration matches those of the Shortfin Mako, with pale turquoise-gray coloration and a dirty-white underbelly. Mako's body consists of a shark body and a humanoid body melded closely together, with the shark portion's belly melded into the humanoid portion's spine, terminating at Mako's head, which is a full-toothed shark's head with the capability to sport a wide, eager grin. The shark body is complete, with fins and tail all accounted for - though she has two extra dorsal fins that would not exist on a shark: one on the back of her lower neck, and one on her upper back. She also has spiky flap-like protrusions on her humanoid elbows.

Her clothing is spare and functional, consisting of a gold fustanella (short greek skirt), a broad orange belt with wide keepers, and a black leather shoulder belt, held in place with brown straps. She wears black fingerless gloves, heavily padded gray grecian sandals, and has a small bronze cargo hook hanging from a loop off her shoulder belt.

Physically, Mako's humanoid portion is leanly muscled and androgynous in shape. She has orange-bronze eyes with tiny, furious pupils, white claws on both hands and flipper-like feet. Her head is covered in several large pink scars.

Mako's weapons are ornately crafted, recalling their legendary Atlantean origin. Her katars are three-pronged and tipped with spearheads, like a trident, and each is inlaid with a dark blue gemstone. The greatsword's blade is short, with a trowel-like blade at the end of a long haft-like handle, making it almost spearlike. The rainguard is shaped into a trident motif, and the crossguard is an ornate series of interlocking crescents. Both are made from a similar gleaming bronze-like material.



Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Mako drops in place into a pool of water and circles the spot, fin showing, before leaping straight up from the surface, jaws wide open, surrounded by a similar set of even larger, water-formed jaws. Anything struck is seized in both sets of jaws, and Mako follows with a double outwards-swipe with both katars while releasing the victim, throwing them down and slightly forwards. 22


Mako dives into the water, disappearing into the ground and swimming forward continuously for a short while. At any point during this she may stop, and will jump out, delivering an upwards-arcing slice with her front katar. ###
Down Calling maestroms of water into both katars to charge, Mako whips them around her in a whirlpool-like fashion for a very short duration, hitting anything on top or very close to her. When active, this move can move left or right during its duration, allowing mako to strike opponents that would otherwise be just beyond reach. ###


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Disappearing in place into a pool of water to charge, Mako leaps from the water diagonally up and forward jaws open, surrounded by a set of watery jaws, ending it with a somersault. Striking a target rolls them into the somersault, and elicits a downwards followup chop with the greatsword, sending them down and forward. ###


Mako calls a moving water of water, mounting her greatsword handle-forward in order to surf it as it sweeps forward. Anything caught by this wave may be carried forward for a short distance or not - and is followed by Mako leaping off the wave for a forwards hack with the greatsword. If Mako rides the wave more than half the maximum distance, she leans back in an expression of openmouthed glee. This move elevates Mako slightly off the ground. ###
Down Mako conjures a small waterspout under her feet, which weakly hits and stuns anything directly on top or nearby Mako and lifts her off the ground, before stabbing it, eliciting a wide, low eruption of water in both directions. ###

Basic combos[]

Weapon Input Dodge Frames Damage Notes



Mako's primary advantage is her aggressive mobility - while both of her weapons benefit from high dex (which she does not have), she makes up for this with powerful moving sigs that allow her to close distance and get in the big hits when they're least expected. Like the lore says, she shines especially bright in 2v2 and other game modes with large numbers of opponents where her sweeping attacks, running (swimming?) starts and explosive sigs can be used to their full potential. She is also an ideal fit for the Walker Attack Brawl of the Week mode, especially when equipped with a Greatsword.

Color Variations[]



  • Mako's default weapons are the Atlantean Fury (Katars) and Poseidon's Gift (Greatsword).
  • Mako's bot name is Mech-KO.
  • Mako is the first shark legend in Brawlhalla, as well as the first aquatic creature legend. She is the fifth humanoid animal legend.
  • It is heavily suggested that Thatch is (was) Poseidon, and thus she is also the Madman of Barbados' daughter. Their temperaments certainly seem to match.
  • Mako would be the first legend of Greek origin, were Thatch not retroactively also Greek by his reveal as Poseidon.
  • Mako is called "ActualShark" in the game files
  • Mako is the 2nd legend in the game with a steerable sig, after Rayman.
  • Mako is the first female greatsword legend.
  • Some of Mako's sigs are similar to Rayman's and Asuri's sigs. Her Greatsword side sig is similar to Rayman's axe side sig and her katars neutral sig looks close to Asuri's katars neutral sig.
  • Mako is the 2nd legend to have a skin based off the children of loki ( Jormungandr Mako). after mordex (Fenrir Mordex)