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The Highwayman

"The Highwayman robs from the rich. And the poor. And especially the recently dead." - Mallhalla purchase description

Lucien is one of Brawlhalla's Legends, featuring the Katars and Blasters as his weapons.

As the story goes...[]

"That fop Lucien Degas is the dreaded Highwayman? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Get out of my office." -Last words of Capitaine Eduard Lamont

In the dark violence of the French Revolution, Count Lucien Degas lived in Paris in decadent splendor. But by night, the mysterious Highwayman stalked the roads with his gang, preying on travelers without mercy. That is until the price on his gang's head grew to a hundred thousand francs. Then Lucien promoted his second-in-command and turned them all in for the reward. He had always despised dividing his loot with inferiors, anyway.

And indeed it was as a solo artist that The Highwayman became a figure of legendary dread. Relying on his own preternatural quickness and ruthless determination, he tried his hand at every sort of crime to bankroll his lavish living. Kidnapping, bank robbing, race fixing, art forgery, horse assassination, nothing was beneath Lucien. He wreaked havoc until his name became synonymous with avarice and violence.

In Valhalla, Lucien continues to scheme for gold and power. He knows the tournament is the surest way to gain influence here, and he'll resort to any means necessary to win.

"I rob from the rich because they have all the money." -Lucien


Being from Revolutionary France, Lucien wears attire typical of his highwayman occupation. He wears a heavy but stylish grey tailed overcoat held in place with a leather belt, spatted gray riding boots, matching gloves, and a simple cloth mask to cover his face and identity, which is held in place by leather thong straps. On his head he sports a men's tricorne hat which, when worn with his mask, render only his steely eyes and a flash of light blonde hair visible.



Input Description Damage Stun Notes
Neutral Lucien takes a short step forward and fires both blasters up into the air above and slightly ahead of him in rapid succession. Large blast radius makes it effective for repelling high aerial approaches, though it can be easy to predict. This quick attack will hit targets standing very close to Lucien on the ground.


A short lunge forward with a short-range blast from the front blaster. The opponent who is struck with this attack is stunned and then struck again as Lucien leaps behind them and follows with a dual blast from both blasters into the stunned target's back. Modestly short-ranged with long execution time, though it deals a lot of damage and delivers a lot of force. Use carefully.
Down Lucien leaps up and back into the air, firing both blasters down in front of him as he does so, expelling a large, death's head shaped plume of fire and smoke. Moves Lucien back slightly. Has a slight delay before the attack comes out as Lucien jumps into the air, but the smoke skull lingers slightly, giving it good covering potential. A useful retreat move.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Lucien leaps into the air and performs an overhead spin with both katars, slicing everything directly around him in his spot in the air and sending enemies flying forwards at the end of the move. Has a high reach, functioning as a good anti-air move as well as being able to reach most second-level platforms from the level below. The move creates a damage zone to catch and scare away enemies. Like Queen Nai’s Katar Neutral Signature, this is Lucien’s most versatile, useful, and dangerous heavy attack.


A forward lunging stab with the rear katar followed quickly with a straight uppercut stab with the front katar. Has a relatively short range, but comes out surprisingly quickly. The uppercut is good for catching enemies who are trying to get on the ground or dodge you backward.
Down Lucien performs a vaulting leap forward and follows it with a crossing double-slash with both katars as he comes down. Does not hit anyone directly in front of Lucien, but has a longer range than his Side Signature and works well for edge-guarding, as the swipe goes lower than the ground level if you aim it into the air and knocks the enemies downward. If you learn its distance away, it can become an excellent move to surprise the enemy at an inconvenient range.


The main advantage you can gain from Lucien is agility. According to his stats, his attack speed and his movement speed will make him a good ally for combination attacks. His main weapon, the Katars, can deal with a destructive amount of damage if you use it well, even though it doesn't have that good range. Air attacks can be interesting in that case, combined to ground heavy and quick attacks. His pistols are a satisfying complement for battle. Indeed, you can combine his quick attacks and air heavy attacks with good agility to prevent your opponent from striking at you. Dominating the battlefield is less difficult with Lucien if you handle this character enough.

Color Variations[]



  • Lucien's default weapons are the Assassin's Blades (Katars) and the Highwayman's Flintlocks (Blasters).
  • Lucien's bot name is Loose Ion.
    • Before the Patch 3.55, his bot name was Botien.
  • Lucien seems to be continuing his rogueish habits despite entering Valhalla, as he is the presumably illicit source of at least one Sword skin.
  • As of Patch 2.62, Lucien, alongside Gnash, got a complete makeover in his stock design.
  • Lucien is currently the lowest strength legend, being the only one with a natural 3 in the stat.
  • Lucien's Blasters Down Signature unleashes smoke in the shape of an open-mouthed skull.
  • During the Synthwave Battle Pass, the mission "Win 2v2 matches as Legends that knew each other before Asgard" could be fulfilled with Lucien and Orion, suggesting that the line in Orion's lore where Lucien is described as "driven to rage by the sight of him" is related to a shared pre-Asgard history, the details of which are currently unknown.