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One of the weapons in Brawlhalla, the Greatsword is a heavy stringing weapon that relies on its unique active-input strings to strike opponents.

The following Legends use the Greatsword:

Weapon Attacks[]

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Grounded Attacks[]

Light ground attacks

Air Attacks[]

Light air attacks


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.

Damage values are median values calculated from a legend with his attack stat equivalent to his opponent defense.

Name Inputs Useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)

Knowledge* : Combos marked as useful for knowledge mean there's better alternatives to theses combos (i.e. killing easier/making more damage/easier to execute for same result).


For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • The Greatsword is a heavy, long-ranged stringing weapon that leans heavily on its versatility to slip past its opponents defenses in order to score hits, and to create openings to land strings. Unlike all previous weapons, the Greatsword both has active input light attacks, and does not require impact with an opponent in order to use active-input followups. So while its opening moveset is the same as with every other weapon, the total range of possible moves that can be executed is far greater, as each opening move has a set of 2-3 differing possible active-input followups, most of which themselves have a final 2-3 differing active-input set of followups, allowing for a maximum string of three different attacks, without ever having to hit an opponent. This can be expanded further once an opponent is hit if the user incorporates string-cancels, chase-dodges, and the like. This allows its user a high amount of responsiveness when attacking, making it fight much more like a duelling weapon than any other previous weapon. Learning well the Greatsword's full menu of possible attacks thus proves key to its success, moreso than with any other weapon. A Greatsword user that doesn't know its capabilies will be greatly hampered by its generally slow speed otherwise - familiarity brings triumph!
  • Outside of its stringing capabilities, the Greatsword's attacks err on the side of broad chopping motions which can have a lot of coverage, but very little circular or arcing coverage, which makes its general range and hitting ability like a less defensive axe. This means it makes for simultaneously a very poor passive weapon, and an excellent weapon for breaking passive players - strike aggressively!



Special Skins[]

Skyforged Greatsword Goldforged Greatsword Asgardian Elite Greatsword
Archivo:SkyforgedGreatsword.png Archivo:GoldforgedGreatsword.png Archivo:AsgardianGreatsword.png
As light as a feather, as strong as steel. - ???
Costs 5000 Glory Costs 7500 Glory

(You need to have the Skyforged Greatsword)

Available only from
the Collector's Pack