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Gauntlets are one of the weapons available in Brawlhalla. They are a large pair of heavy punching and grabbing gloves held in a boxing pose. A close-ranged, versatile weapon, gauntlets focus on quickly and repeatedly hitting things at arm's length.

The following Legends use the Gauntlets:

Weapon attacks[]

For Legend Signatures, see the individual Legend pages above

Light ground attacks

Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes
Neutral Two rapid flurries of punches in place, from the rear and then the forward gauntlet. The opponent is stunned if struck, causing the Legend to deliver two more flurries in the same order, followed by a hard strike to the opponent's chin that knocks them back.
← / → A swift, forward-lunging uppercut that lifts the opponent into the air. Has almost no force otherwise. This move combos reliably into the gauntlets' aerial recovery.
A step forward accompanied with a fist-smash against the ground in front of the Legend. Stuns the opponent and lifts them slightly into the air. Carries the Legend forward a short distance. This move combos reliably into numerous moves, including both ground-light attacks.

Light air attacks

Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes


A short upwards grab with both gauntlets. Does not affect the Legend's momentum. Opponents struck by this attack are seized and hurled bodily downwards at a slight forward angle.
← / → A sidewards-dashing punch with the forward gauntlet. Carries the Legend directly forward, cancelling previous momentum. Hitting with this attack stuns the opponent briefly and results in a quick followup punch from the rear gauntlet that knocks the opponent downwards and back.
A rapid series of three punches straight downwards from both gauntlets, rear-front-rear. Striking with any one of these causes all following hits to hit as well, along with a final smash with the front gauntlet that knocks the opponent both down and back.

Heavy air attacks

Input Description Animation Damage Stun Frame Data Notes



← / →

A fast rising punch with the front gauntlet. This attack travels directly upwards regardless of previous momentum.
The Legend plummets downwards chest-first with fists raised overhead. Landing on an opponent directly will knock them downwards (or upwards if they are grounded). Landing on the ground creates a small impact around the Legend, which will hit any opponent a short distance in front of or immediately behind the Legend. Unlike all other ground pound moves, a Legend can move slowly left or right while this move is in the air.


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
Name Inputs What it's useful for Damage Stun Other notes Example video(s)
Ground DLight, Ground SLight, Recovery

General strategies[]

For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • An aggression weapon through-and-through, gauntlet attacks are, predictably, shorter range and pack much lower damage and force than other weapons. Gauntlets make up for this by being extremely versatile, featuring useful zoning, striking and repositioning moves, along with numerous reliable and intuitive combos which can be strung together, to continually apply pressure on an opponent that has been struck or stunned to build damage and score knockouts. Learn the combos, and once you land that first hit, don't let up!
  • Down-light and side-light are the gauntlets' most reliable options for opening moves - down-light has a slightly longer range than other moves, while side-light comes out faster and its lift makes it a safer option for the player.
  • The aerial side-light is a valuable supplement to a gauntlet user's recovery. While it doesn't propel the Legends upwards, it moves them directly to the side without losing any altitude, allowing them to cover distance without needing to expend jumps or dodges.
  • The trajectory of the ground pound can be adjusted slightly mid-flight, and has a small splash effect when it impacts the ground, making it more versatile than other ground pounds, and a good way to follow up certain combos.


The following item skins for the Gauntlets are available from the Mallhalla:


The Heavyweights  Price: 60 mammoth coins 
Stick and move! Stick and move!


Darkheart Gauntlets  Price: 60 mammoth coins 
Nowhere is safe from its reach.


Asgardian Elite Gauntlets 

Available only from the Collector's Edition pack.


Skyforged Gauntlets  Price: 5000 glory 
From the sound of the lamentation of your enemies, you've earned it.