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The Marshall of the Old West

Feared by outlaws and vampires from the age of fifteen, Cassidy is the toughest marshal to wear the badge either side of the Bifrost. - Mallhalla purchase description

Cassidy is a high dexterity Wild West-style Legend featuring the Hammer and Blasters as her weapons. She can be unlocked for 2300 Gold. Having been on both sides of the law, acting as a legendary Marshall and dangerous fugitive, Cassidy has a keen sense of justice and is unafraid to deal it out with the heavy end of her hammer.

As the story goes...[]

"Reward ($5,000) for the capture, Dead or Alive, of ex-U.S. Marshal Cassidy Miller. Age 25, 5 feet, 8 inches. Brown hair and eyes. Wanted for dereliction of Duty, harboring a Fugitive Slave, aiding a Known Criminal, and Attempted Murder. Known companions include a Giant Cougar, a Twenty-foot Lumberjack, and a Cherokee Ghost. Armed and extremely Dangerous." -Poster, Nebraska Territory, 1853

When fifteen-year-old Cassidy Miller captured Wild Zeb and his gang, Zeb insisted his gun jammed and the sun was in his eyes. But, outlaws soon changed their tune, and just five years later, Bloody Cal Johnson bragged from prison that Utah had been forced to call in the great Marshal Cassidy just to bring him down.

In her long career, Cassidy's insistence on justice for all earned her many unlikely friends, including "the meanest horse in the West," a giant cougar named Boots. But it also put her on the wrong side of the law when she joined the Underground Railroad and became a wanted fugitive herself. Later, Cassidy returned to law enforcement in dramatic style when President Lincoln begged her to track down the Bloodfang Rangers, a company of Confederate Vampires.

To Cassidy, Valhalla is like any other frontier boomtown in need of her rough brand of Justice. She's always on the lookout for suspicious types and reckons that trouble's brewing.

"You just gonna stand behind me looking all-fired stupid or are you gonna draw?" - Marshall Cassidy


Wild West Marshal Cassidy Miller wears apparel very standard of her American style. Most importantly in her Wild West attire, Cassidy wears a very large, cream-colored cowgirl's hat. Her hat is decorated with a pale blue ribbon that is wrapped above the wide brim of the hat. Her shining golden Marshall's badge also adorns her hat, showing both her status in the mortal world and her keen sense of justice. Under her hat can be seen wavy shoulder=length hair that frames her face, and is a reddish-brown in color.

Also this shade of red-brown is her tan leather jacket, which is worn over a simple white cotton blouse. Her jacket is short in length but has sleeves covering the length of her arms, which then lead to firm leather firms of a dustier, pale brown. There are also two golden buttons on her jacket, which match the gold of her Marshall's badge.

Also golden is her belt buckle, which sits next to a gun holster of similar color to the belt itself. Amusingly, the gun holster is many times smaller than both Cassidy's guns, and her hands. The belt itself holds up a pair of dusty blue jeans, which in turn lead to a pair of knee-high, thick leather boots, which are the same dusty brown color as her gloves. On each boot is a single steel spur, which denotes her ranching background, and is customary with her Wild West Marshall appearance.

Cassidy's Hammer and Blasters also reflect her Western heritage. The Sixshooters are two large, iconic revolver handguns with the typical six bullet cylinder. The hammer and sight of each gun are clearly visible, spiking out from the otherwise smooth barrels. The handles of each gun are pale brown wood. Her Rail Hammer is similarly iconic and non-decorative: a simple wooden pole with a standard steel hammerhead attached at one end. The hammer's head has one blunt face, plus a curved claw on the other side.



Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral “Yee-haw!” Cassidy fires her blasters upwards in the air in a diagonal, first one, then the other, slightly in front and then slightly behind.


“Draw!” A rapid fast-draw double-blast from Cassidy's pistols in rapid succession – one directly in front, followed by another slightly above. Cassidy charges the move by twirling one pistol, old-west style, building up style points before the hit.
“Let’s see you dance!” Cassidy wildly fires at the ground on either side of her, starting from a distance away and shooting closer to herself as her shots float her slightly up into the air.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral The lasso! Cassidy catches anything in a wedge of space forward and above her with her lasso, drawing them close and stopping them with her foot before swinging for the fences with the hammer. Her fastest signature.


A swinging, whirling double-hit with the hammer in a moderately wide range in front of Cassidy, leaving small clouds of dust in its wake.
Tornado! Cassidy charges up and turns into a swirling dust twister that rolls horizontally across the stage, sucking up nearly everything in a small, horizontally oblong radius around her before sending them flying diagonally up away from her at the end of the move.


Cassidy is a close combat character. Her signature attack is the heavy attack + down button that makes a considerable amount of damage toward and behind her. You can use her to throw enemies away with her guns that have a good fire rate, or her rail hammer. This hammer also deals a lot of damage, quickly and have a quite good range. Make sure to balance her attacks with dexterity.

Color Variations[]



  • Cassidy's default weapons are the Sixshooters (Blasters) and the Rail Hammer (Hammer).
  • Cassidy's robot name is Cassibot.
  • The giant lumberjack mentioned in Cassidy's wanted poster is likely a reference to Paul Bunyan, a hero from American folklore.
  • Cassidy was one of the first four Legends to be developed for the game, the others being BödvarLord Vraxx and Orion.
  • The Masked Hero Cassidy skin is based on the Lone Ranger.
  • Cassidy is the first legend to have Blasters.