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Cannon is one of the weapons in Brawlhalla. This immense artillery piece is carried over one shoulder, and functions like a mix of a jetpack and fighting with a construction girder. It provides heavy, rhythmic impacts and surprising and unconventional aerial play.

The following Legends use the Cannon:

Weapon Attacks[]

For Legend Signatures, see the individual Legend pages above

Grounded Attacks[]

Light ground attacks

Input Description Notes
Neutral A swift jab at midsection-height with the rear of the cannon. Hitting the opponent knocks them back and results in a followup point-blank shot with the business end, which knocks the opponent further back and down. Powerful in its own right. Lasts longer than a single jab might be expected to.
← / → A twirling forward uppercut with the rear of the cannon. Hits high and fairly close, knocks the opponent slightly up into the air. Unreliable range and force, but reliable speed and stopping power. A defensive move and string-starter.
Slapping the length of the cannon down against the ground in front of the Legend. Hits anything grounded a short range ahead of your Legend and knocks them a short distance up into the air. Good for jumping over attacks that follow the ground.

Air Attacks[]

Light air attacks

Input Description Notes


A quick, melee-range shot upwards and over the head with the cannon's business end which knocks opponents upwards. Has a very short splash radius.
← / → The legend grabs onto the cannon and fires it pointed backwards, propelling them forward a good distance and ramming anything in front. Has a flat trajectory and arrests downwards motion, allowing it to serve as a "secondary recovery" move. Use this to recover horizontally without burning your jumps or recovery attack.
The legend grabs the back end of the cannon and swings the length of it down in a semi-circular arc, hitting anything in an ample arc in front and below. Opponents struck are knocked back and downwards. Can be strung into grounded NLight. Otherwise, it is cannon's safest covering attack for getting back to the ground.

Heavy air attacks

Input Description Notes



← / →

A long arcing swing with the length of the cannon at an upwards diagonal. Carries the attacker a fair distance up and forward. Hits in a wide arc, making the swing at the apex of the attack capable of hitting opponents standing on the ledge if you're coming up under them.
The Legend grips the cannon in both hands and drops, business-end first, downwards. Impacting the ground, an opponent, or terminating the attack early results in a powerful point-blank shot downwards. The ending shot extends a short distances downwards if loosed in mid-air, and splashes out to the sides a short distance if shot into the ground. Keep these in mind, as they can easily surprise your opponents.


All combos are subject to change as the game gets tweaked from patch to patch.
Name Inputs What it's useful for Damage Range Other notes Example video(s)
NLight>SAir Damaging 0 to medium SAir has to be done immediately after NLight
NLight>DAir Damaging 0 to Low-medium DAir has to be done immediately after NLight
DLight>Jump>DAir Damaging All ranges
DLight>Jump>NAir Killing High NAir has to be inputted immediately after the jump
SLight>Jump>SAir Damaging 0 to medium Can be followed up with Recovery>GC>NSig for a 0 to death KO


0 to death 0 to medium health At medium health, the recovery will kill.


For Legend-specific strategies, go to the Legend's individual page above
  • A disorientingly large weapon for both user and target, the cannon is one of the most unusual entries for a weapon in a melee fighting game, and its unorthodox fighting style matches this description. Only occasionally firing from the business end, the majority of cannon attacks consist of slamming the body of the cannon into opponents like a log or massive tonfa.
  • In the air, the cannon behaves like a jetpack that fires in quick single bursts, propelling the user in surprising directions to catch opponents off-guard. Needless to say, “jetpack tonfa” – a fighting weapon very few people are naturally familiar with – generally deviates from the playstyle of the game's other weapons in many ways. so take some time to get accustomed to the weapon's unusual style when first picking the weapon up.
  • Despite its great size, the cannon has a surprising amount of stringing potential, especially when grounded - relying on steady, rhythmic delivery of comparatively hard-hitting light attacks rather than blinding speed to continually pile damage unto opponents. Overall, the weapon requires boldness, cunning, spatial awareness and a penchant for the bizarre and unexpected – fitting for such an outlandish entry into the tournament arsenal.



Jade Dragon Darkheart Pillar
Archivo:WIP.png Archivo:WIP.png
Pillar of the Earth and breath of the Heavens. Corruption is a blast.
Each costs 60 Mammoth coins

Special Skins[]

Skyforged Cannon Asgardian Elite Cannon Goldforged Cannon
Archivo:WIP.png Archivo:WIP.png Archivo:WIP.png
Blasting all the way to the top! -
Costs 5000 Glory Available only from
the Collector's Pack
Costs 7500 Glory

(You need to have the Skyforged Cannon)


  • Much like the Blasters, the Cannon's main function is not as a melee weapon, nor does it fire projectiles outside of certain Signatures attacks.

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