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Chooser of the Slain, Slayer of the Chosen

Asgard's hometown hero, this half-Valkyrie can't escape her human side. — Mallhalla purchase description

Brynn is an Asgardian Valkyrie Legend in Brawlhalla who features the Spear and Axe as her weapons. She can be unlocked for 900 gold. Brynn, a child of Asgard, is one of the few immortal legends fighting in Valhalla's eternal tournament, having never lived a mortal life, instead of training as a Valkyrie. Indeed, many playable legends were offered their place in the eternal tournament by Brynn. She fights in the tournament by choice and has earned her place in the arena through a combination of skill, grace, and Valkyrian might.

As the story goes...[]

"Child, you are my daughter and a Valkyrie - a goddess. Your father was a mortal, it is true, but he was a great warrior - perhaps the greatest. So do not complain to me that the Elves whisper behind your back. Ignore them — they know you outshine them all. Or put them to the sword." -The Valkyrie Hypernia to a young Brynn

Children are rare among the immortals of Asgard, and every immortal with any heart came to love Hypernia's daughter, the heir to her immortal mother's impossible beauty and her human father's legendary charm. Brynn grew up in every corner of Asgard. She made it her school and her playground. Raised to be a Valkyrie, she nonetheless can shoe an eight legged horse, weave the threads of fate with the Norns, and curse a blue streak in Dwarvish.

As a Valkyrie, her sense for the mortal mind has helped her spot greatness in the most unlikely places, not just in princes on battlefields, holding their swords high. Three of her most shocking choices have won the Great Tournament. But Asgard is a vast society, and some don't see Brynn as a true Asgardian, while her success has bred jealousy as well as admiration.

Brynn was drawn to the tournament by a desire to study these mortals. Does she belong with them? She watched, learned their ways, and eventually came to love their bravura and their mettle. Now she competes for the pure joy of it, her human thirst for the fight surprising everyone, including herself.

"Most Valkyries are too by-the-runes to see greatness where I find it. Do you remember their faces when I brought the minotaur to Valhalla?" -Brynn


Brynn, being the second of Valhalla's Norse themed Legends, is dressed accordingly. Her body armour - a small chest piece on her torso, two small bracers on her wrists, and ornately engraved boots - is all a shining silver in appearance and color. As well as this, she wears face armour that covers her forehead and cheeks, again in a bright silver color, that is adorned with the wings that signify her status as a Valkyrie. Each wing is centered at each eye, with the wing shape extending from her chin line to far above her head. Under her armour, she wears a blue tunic that is lined with white fur, typical of her Norse style, with white fur trimming also visible at the top f her boots, her wrists, and shoulders.



Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Brynn crouches, extending her wings, then uses them to propel her at an angle upwards, stabbing upwards with her spear as she does so. This move has a slight delay before coming out and carries Brynn forward a small distance.


A lunging horizontal stab forward with the spear. This move has a slight delay before coming out and carries Brynn forward a significant distance.
Brynn draws her spear back then twirls it in large spinning circles, sweeping it forward as she does so starting beside her and finishing in front of her. Hits multiple times.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral A graceful upwards sweep with the axe from a stationary standing position. On hitting an opponent, the enemy is knocked upwards and Brynn follows with a second uppercut strike that knocks the enemy back. The followup carries Brynn forward slightly.


Brynn lunges forward and reaches forward with the axe, spinning it rapidly twice by its haft as she does so. This move strikes twice, knocking back on its second strike.
Extending her wings, Brynn lifts slightly into the air and then lunges forward in the air, sending her axe sweeping forward like a pendulum along the ground as she does so.

Color Variations[]



  • Brynn's default weapons are named Glory (Axe) and Valor (Spear).
  • Brynn's bot name is Brynbot.
  • Brynn is the second Norse-themed legend to be featured on the roster, after Bödvar. She is also, perhaps as a result, the second legend to speak to Heimdall in her flavor quotes, again after Bodvar.
  • Brynn is personally responsible for bringing numerous legends on the Brawlhalla roster into Valhalla, including Teros, Asuri, and Yumiko.
  • Brynn is daughter to the human legend Sir Roland and the Valkyrie Hypernia.
  • Brynn is likely inspired by Brynhildr of Norse mythology.
  • Brynn was introduced to Brawlhalla on August 6, 2015.