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Diesel Heart, Lord of the Waste

The only thing in the wastelands that burns hotter than his rage is his diesel-fueled heart! - Mallhalla purchase description

Barraza is a post-apocalyptic steelpunk legend of Brawlhalla featuring the Blasters and Axe as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 3900 gold. Barraza is both fighter and survivor, using a fighting style equal parts brutality, cunning and stubbornness - while not the fastest Legend, he leaves a trail of devastation to demonstrate the cost of underestimating him.

As the story goes...[]

“Barraza is the answer. Find him. Search for him in the waste. If ever he loved me he will listen. Offer him our water. Offer him our fuel. Offer him everything if he will be our king.” -Chief of the Lastfolk

The Apocalypse came not on a missile but a mist. MBFC’s self-replicating nanobot cloud bricked anything that relied on computer circuitry, which in 2150 was everything. Deployed in desperation against a rogue agent’s hideout, the weaponized mist was supposed to become inert after twenty minutes.

Fifty years later, Barraza was born in an abandoned aircraft carrier outside the girder wastes once called Los Angeles. All Barraza knew of this world was that he had to steal, scheme, and fight for every bite of food and every breath.

Shot in the chest by The Gaslords and left for dead, he returned, kept alive by an artificial heart burning diesel and an iron will. Soon the Gaslords were dead, followed by the Ravagers, the Scorpions, the Battleborn, and every other challenger, until the man they called Diesel Heart ruled the wastes from Four Face Mountain to the Steel Wall. Waterhaulers, warbangers, zealots, radsuits, wastecroppers, junkers – all feared Diesel Heart.

The ultimate survivor, Barraza knows Valhalla is another threat to overcome through violence and will. The next apocalypse is coming, and he will do what it takes to come out on top again.

Take his bike and water and leave him to the crows. I never even liked her. -Barraza


Barraza wears piecemeal armour hand-fashioned out of the scraps of an apocalyptic wasteland, with spiked shoulder pads and armor plates held in place with cloth wraps, and a large gas mask fitted with numerous tubes, which filters out the deadly mist of nanobots that created the devastating wasteland he came to dominate and rule over. He also sports black fingerless gloves, white warpaint on his chest and ringing his eyes, a shocking turquoise mohawk, and a single animal-canine earring in one ear. He has a large vertical scar on the side of his head, above the ear.



Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral A quick upwards-diagonal double-tap with the front blaster, with a large, pluming blast zone. If Barraza hits with either blast, he follows by hopping off his feet and firing a double-blast from both blasters, letting the blowback carry him onto the ground on his back before regaining his feet.


Barraza steps forward, sweep his rear blaster in a short-ranged, arc-shaped blast of fire in front of him, followed by a turning step and a larger, more powerful forward blast with his front blaster. Overall carries Barraza forward a moderate distance.
A tumbling side-flip with blasters extended, Barraza fires both in a short-ranged puff as he hits the ground and tumbles back up onto his feet. Anything struck by this move is stunned and lifted above Barraza's rolling form, to be struck by a powerful double blast from both blasters directly upwards as he is on his back.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral A vaulting leap with a high, arcing, upwards sweep with the axe. A target struck by the axe's sweep is stunned and subject to Barraza's follow-through of hurling the caught target behind him and down.


Barraza lifts his axe in a revelrous motion to charge, and performs a leaping double-side-flip forward, delivering a short, powerful downward chop with the axe with each flip as he moves. Carries Barraza a good distance forward.
Barraza performs a short hop backward before bringing his axe smashing down against the ground where he was standing. There is a quick pause between the hop and the axe smash. The blast of the axe striking the earth hits low and has a wide splash radius.

Color Variations[]



  • Barraza's default weapons are named El Carnicero (Axe) and Los Volcanes (Blasters), which translate to "The Butcher" and "The Volcanoes" in Spanish.
  • Barraza's bot name is Barrobot.
  • MBFC, the corporation that released the tech-killing mist in Barraza's lore, is presumably the same corporation that trained and then fought against Ada in her lore, and built and subsequently lost control of Val in her lore. Its full name is the Meyers Baby Food Corporation.
  • Lore aside, Barraza's post-apocalyptic dystopian dieselpunk style is an homage to the Mad Max series of films.
  • Barazza was introduced to the game on October 20, 2015.
  • Barraza's timeline is most likely the farthest ahead in Earth's timeline, coming after both Ada and Val's.