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Cataclysm from beyond the stars. - Mallhalla purchase description

Artemis is a legend of Brawlhalla featuring the Scythe and Rocket Lance as her weapons. She was introduced to the game on June 14, 2017. Artemis has obtained great power purportedly from the 'will of the universe' itself. While her overriding mission is to destroy Orion, Artemis fights in the tournament with the full strength of the stars and galaxies themselves, unleashing the power of the universe on unsuspecting opponents in the eternal tournament.

As the story goes...[]

“They grow up so fast.” – The Universe, probably.

Philosophers sometimes talk about “The will of the universe”, a consciousness above that of even the gods. We may never know if the universe has a will, but we do know it has an immune response. When foreign matter streaked over the skies of Valhalla, the response was an antibody of celestial proportions. As the name Orion was spoken, Artemis came into being, although she would not call herself that for many years.

Born Mary Washington in West Plaza New York, she was a voracious reader with a love for strawberry ice cream. While Mary had a relatively normal childhood, her parents sometimes wondered why she would read stories of the goddess Artemis killing the hunter Orion over and over again.

Mary was too eager to confront her opponent. At the first sign of her powers manifesting, she opened a wormhole intending to stride into Valhalla. Instead, she emerged in the vacuum of space. Struggling for survival, she fought to maintain a cocoon of atmosphere cycling in from nearby worlds. In desperation she ripped the core from a nearby star to forge her armor, extinguishing her first solar system. From there she traversed the dangers of the universe, careening through the Tri-Nova, ending Starchampion's fleet, and imploding the Leviathan of Eons, to name a few. Once ready, the completed Artemis arrived in Asgard.

In Valhalla, Artemis is still subject to the rules of local gods and must complete her destiny through the bouts of The Tournament. Sensing a common frustration, Nix has taken her under her wing and the two often spar to hone their scythe skills. As Orion’s reputation grows in the arena, Artemis wonders if all of Asgard might be too infected to save.

“I don’t only want to destroy Orion. But yeah that’s the main thing.” – Artemis


Rocket Lance[]

Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Artemis fires a blast of cosmic energy high into the air and slightly in front, with her front hand. Targets struck by this blast are stunned and struck with a leaping followup uppercut thrust with the lance point.


Flipping her lance around, Artemis leaps forward a short distance and detonates a large, circular blast of cosmic energy from the exhaust port of her rocket lance. The detonation's recoil sends her back a short distance, inevitably only moving Artemis forward a somewhat short distance.
Artemis activates her lance's side-jets and hops on, hovering on it to charge, then lets loose a wide blast of black starry energy into the ground which sweeps ahead of her a very short distance.


Input Description Damage Stun Force
Neutral Artemis hovers in the air to charge, then delivers a fast, arcing diagonal upwards swipe that briefly leaves a trail of energy in its wake.


A short, lunging chest-height swipe with the scythe carries Artemis a very short distance forward. Those struck with the blow are stunned and lifted slightly into the air, and Artemis follows by turning and delivering a point-blank blast of cosmic energy which sends the target diagonally up and away.
Hovering into the air on her jump-jets, Artemis fires a blast of cosmic energy from her front hand down and forward into the ground. Should the blast strike the ground, the impact splashes out at ground level. Targets struck by the blast or the impact splash are lifted upwards and quickly struck by a close followup strike with the scythe.

Color Variations[]



  • Artemis' weapons are the Galaxy Lance (Rocket Lance) and the Starry Scythe (Scythe)
  • Artemis' bot name is Botemis.
    • As of Patch 3.55, her bot name is Artematic.
  • In Greek mythology, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt does indeed kill the heroic Orion, but the story is much more complicated. In many versions, Artemis is in fact Orion's great friend, and the God Apollo, Artemis' brother, tricks Artemis into killing Orion. Artemis is then supposed to have hung Orion's body in the stars for all to see; this was common practice for honoring great heroes in Greek mythology. The mythology and the Legends' ties to stars and constellations are thus linked.
  • Artemis is likely the most powerful figure on the roster by a wide, wide margin, being essentially a cosmically-empowered antibody. She is only held in check from destroying Orion by the fact that Asgard is technically outside our universe, and is a realm where Odin and the Asgardians hold absolute divine power.